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Employers Please Note Specific information needed to complete Form W-2 is given in a separate booklet titled 2004 Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3. Be sure to ask the employer to file Form W-2c Corrected Wage and Tax Statement with the SSN or money amount error reported to the SSA on Form W-2. If your name and SSN are correct but are not the same as shown on your social security card you should ask for a new card at any SSA office or call 1-800-772-1213. Credit for excess taxes. If you had...
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—Name-Suffix (SINS) f Initials of employer s spouse and spouse s last name 13a Employer s tax identification number (if employee does not already have one) 14a Employee s social security number s Initials of employer s spouse and spouse s last name 15a SIN e Social Security number s Initial Social Security number s SIN 2 or 3 17 Employers s employee identification number 18 Employer s street address 1 Employer s city and state 2 Employers s ZIP code 3 Employers s EIN 4 Employer s address 5 Employers s phone number 6 Employer s EIN 7 Employer s ZIP code 8 Employers s state and city 9 Employers EIN 10 Employer s EIN 11 Employer s EIN 12 Employer s EIN 13 Employer s EIN 14 Employer s EIN 15 Employer s EIN 16 Employer s state and city 17 Employers s ZIP code 18 Employers s EIN 19 Employers city and state 20 Employers ZIP code 21 Employers s employment date 22 Employers s EIN 23 Employer s EIN 24 Employer s EIN 25 Employer s SSN 26 Employer s address and date of birth 27 Employers s EIN 28 Employer s employee identification number 29 Employer s Zip code 30 Employers s EIN 31 Employer s employer identification number 32 Employer s employee ID number 33 Employer s date of birth 34 Employers s Social Security number 35 Employer s Social Security number 36 Employer s name, business, and address 37 Employers s EIN 38 Employer s SSN 39 Employer s employment date 40 Employers s EIN 41 Employment Code 42 Employer s EIN 43 Employer s ZIP code 44 Employment Code 45 Age, sex, marital status, number of dependents, marital status with pay, race, ethnicity, and national origin 47 National Origin 48 Occupation 49 Place of Employment 50 State of residence 51 Education 52 Work for employers 53 Work for self 55 Type of work 54 Hours to be worked 56 Salary and benefits 57 Annual Income 58 Additional income details 59 Other details 60 Allocation details 61 Federal income taxes withheld 62 Total taxes due 63 Income reported as wages and tips 68 Income report as wages 69 Income report as tips 70 Total reported earnings 71 Federal income tax withheld 72 Income tax withheld 74 Total income tax 73 Employment status 75 Occupation 76 Place of employment 77 State of residence 78 Health insurance 79 Employer s earnings and benefit hours (including overtime).

Who Files Form W-2?

Form W-2 is called the Wage and Tax Statement. It must be completed if an individual has several employees to whom the payments are made for the services in the business or trade. Generally, this form must be submitted by every employer.

What is Form W-2 for?

This form is specially designed for employers to report the wages and taxes to the employees. Every employee must receive this report from the employer.

When is Form W-2 Due?

You may mail the completed form or file it electronically by January 31st, 2018. To avoid penalties, file it by this date. If you are not aware of the penalties, check the section called Terminating a Business. You are eligible to request the time extension for this application if the necessity occurs.

Is Form W-2 Accompanied by Other Forms?

Generally, this form must be submitted separately. However, when you claim the time extension for it, you must complete Form 8809. Moreover, check if the information about the employees coincides with the information provided in Form 941 and 944 about the tax returns.

What Information do I Include in Form W-2?

The following information must be provided when completing Form W-2:

  • Social security number of both the employer and employee;
  • Identification number of the employer;
  • Name and address of the employer;
  • Social security wages, allocated and Medicare tips, tax withheld, federal income tax withheld;
  • Control number;
  • Dependent care benefits;
  • Verification code, etc.

Make sure all fields are completed properly. The mistakes may lead to penalties.

Where should I Send Form W-2?

The employer must complete this form and send it to the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS form w-2 is used to report an employee's annual wages and the amount of taxes withheld from their paychecks this does not include independent contractors who file taxes with different forms such as form 1099 you can either download your w-2 from the irs website or use pdf filler where the w2 form can be completed signed and submitted electronically this is what an irs form w2 looks like boxes a through f on the left represent employee employer information start by filling out your employee's social security number enter your employer identification number the name and address of your business your employee's name and their address proceed to complete the numbered boxes one through twenty box one shows gross wages tips and any other compensation received by an employee while box 2 shows the total amount of federal income tax withheld from employee wages for the year box 3 details the amount of social security wages for the year box 4 indicates the total social security tax withheld box 5 spells out the total medicare wages while box 6 indicates how much medicare tax was withheld box 7 reports social security tips received and box 8 indicates how much the employer reported in tips paid to the employee you can leave box 9 blank since it reflects a now defunct tax perk box 10 reports any dependent care assistance that was deducted from employee wages as well as any employer contributions box 11 details any distributions from non-qualified deferred compensation plans box 12 is used to report a variety of tax-deferred compensation benefits and non-monetary compensation box 13 has three sub-boxes to report payments that are not subject to federal income tax withholding if the employee participated in an employer-sponsored retirement plan or received sick pay via an insurance policy box 14 allows the employer to report any other additional tax information boxes 15-20 relate to state and local taxes including the amount of the employees pay subject to these taxes and the amount that was withheld once all the fields are completed and checked off save the document to your device or securely share it with your recipient via email fax usps or sms.
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