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in this Microsoft Word tutorial I want to show you how to create a project that's very common in the business world yes but also in the world of Education and it's also useful for families and other organizations too and that is how to create a calendar in Microsoft Word so here I am in word and I'm just going to go here to file in the upper left and I'll click new and that takes me to a screen where I can select a blank document or I can choose a template now some of these templates actually exist on my computer I've used them before and they exist on my computer but others are in the cloud only and so if I click on one of these I may need to install it first on my computer but that's easy and word will walk you through that if you need it so this is what I want a snapshot calendar but if you're not sure that that's what you want or if you don't see it here you can always do a search so I can click here and search for calendar and it gives me a whole variety of calendars some of these I've never seen before I've never used before but there's quite a variety most of which are not on my computer but I could select the one that I want and use it to build a calendar I was gonna use this one here but I think I'll pick this one instead banner calendar so I click on it it gives me a little bit of a preview of what it would look like and I can click Next to get a preview of some of the others as well but I'm gonna go back and select the one that I initially liked the first thing it does once it's made sure that this particular calendar is installed on my computer the first thing it wants to know is what is the month and the year for the calendar so I'll stick with August 2019 but I could switch that to any other month any other year that I need and on second thought I will change this I'll change it to December now that I've done that I can click OK and you can see what it did it changed the month here in the upper left and I get a pop-up that tells me that I can change my mind I can go to the calendar tab and choose select new dates or I can press shift alt enter I'll just click OK but here it is because I'm working on a calendar yet brought up a calendar tab and I can select new dates and make those changes anytime I want to while I'm here on the calendar tab notice that there are options like themes I can change the theme of this calendar that just changed the font it changed the color scheme a little bit so try these out see if you can find a theme that you really like and that matches the purpose of the calendar and the way you want it to look I'm gonna stick with this one here you can also leave the theme the same and change colors so I can just change the color scheme if I prefer to do that and finally if I want to I can just change the fonts so these calendar options on the calendar tab really are good for making the calendar look just the way you want it to...
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