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ADP iPayStatements Dear Associate We are pleased to announce ADP iPayStatements a new benefit for all associates. Included in the email is a direct link to the How to register on ADP iPayStatements 1. Go to http //paystatements. Adp.com. 2. Click on Register Now. 3. Enter the Self Service Registration Pass Code lmu-payroll. 4. Select iPayStatements and click submit. 5. From your most recent pay statement enter the following information Company Code File Number enter exactly as listed on pay...
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Hey what's going on everybody my name is mundane mad here with this story that I can't believe happened again I really can't believe this fucking should happen again it's like this is ridiculous like some people out there I think they're just like destined to not work because they fail to understand like the purview of their job and the responsibilities that come with it which in this particular world that we live in especially in a minimum wage job is you got to make sure that the customer is happy it's only when you become a manager can you give them the finger tell him the fuck off and you basically still gotta keep your jab so over in Pennsylvania at a party city a woman by the name of Carly Lane went there this past weekend to purchase a dozen black and blue balloons just balloons to commemorate the death of her friend Robert gogo jr who was a police officer who died in an off-duty motorcycle accident last month so it wasn't like you know this dude was like killed in line of duty or whatever else this guy died in a tragic motorcycle accident and these things happen like all the time but it's fucking sad anyway when she went to do get the balloons the lady helping her found out that they were for fallen officer and she refused to help her she refused to help her went to go get somebody else to wait on her like okay it's not like so much like the walmart cake incident where they outright refused three times to do but still but fucking still ok so Lane went home and complained on facebook as tends to be the case now for basically everything and she got about 1,000 share so that it went kind of viral in that particular area she says that her heart was broken and she was very upset about the whole thing Party City ended up catching when did this coming back and saying that they do not condone this type of behavior and they're taking the situation very seriously now here's where it gets a tad ironic ok and this is what I'm I'm laughing at because I can only imagine that the person who refused to help Carly with the balloons because it's seriously buying black and blue balloons it's right before fucking Halloween you're going to have many of them stuck doesn't matter but the person who did this problem is a social justice warrior remember of the regressive left or possibly a black lives matter and our sympathizers I'm sorry you know but anyway Party City said is conducting an internal investigation and holding an immediate sensitivity training and code of conduct refresher I just love the fact that an SJ w is getting a sensitivity training and code of conduct refresher course from their employer now my opinion this chick I don't know she should have been fired like it wasn't like she was like fuck pigs fuck babo fuck you'll find out she didn't know that shit's not only she should have been fired but still seriously come on you give the people the balloons or done in five fucking minutes you're never going to see him again and you go on Twitter and...
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