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W. Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity. W. Cards Against Humanity. W. Cards Against Humanity. 'Ii Cards Against Humanity. 'ii Cards Against ...
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when you want to buy a really fun looking party game for horrible people but the only vendor who sells it in the country you live in wants to charge you triple the price the manufacturer what do you do well in the case of cards against humanity' you go to the website and download the game for free and print it out yourself they recommend taking it to a print store like Kinks or something like that but what if the area you live in has nothing even remotely resembling one of those print shops what do you do then well you put in an absolute buttload of work to make yourself an extra-strength version of cards against humanity' and believe me it's a boatload first step is simple obviously download the PDF making it myself I came across one problem very quickly I don't have the right kind of paper and I don't think my printer could handle it if I did it the right kind of paper, so my only option was to print it on a regular paper, but those black cards would just use way too much ink, so I decided to alter them just so I use less ink the only problem was I couldn't hit the PDF I downloaded software that would allow you to edit PDFs and I couldn't figure out how to change the color scheme, so I went an easier way I found a website that does PDF to JPG conversion change them all into JPEGs download them, and then I edited the question cards to take out most of the black background but still leave the text in white with a black outline next step was printing out all the cards then spent several hours cutting them up then I took some construction paper I had around and cut out 6 centimeters square backing pieces I then put a small bit of glue on each backing piece and attached the cart, so it wouldn't move around at all the next step is where the extra strength comes in all the cards were laminated I could fit 12 cards into one sheet of a4 laminate this took some time because the laminator is only supposed to run for an hour at a time it took me at least three sessions laminating to get them all done I think, and I'm pretty sure I went over that one hour limit at least twice after all the laminating was done it was back to cutting again and cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting then once I was done Palette cutting I still wasn't finished because I had 2200 very pointy laminate corners that needed to be rounded off with a corner cutter that actually went quicker than I thought it would, but boy were my arms tired afterwards when all that was finished I had my set 90 nicely made laminated question cards in 460 nicely Lemonade answer cards with a proper white back with black text for the answer cards and black back with white text for the question cards but with a non ink wasting format once I had the deck done it was in a matter of the box I had considered making a custom box but as luck would have it someone gave us a cookie gift pack from Hokkaido with perfect chocolate cookies in there that fit just perfectly so all it was required was to make a...
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