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I'm Matthew Claassen with <b></b> and welcome to <b>Part 2</b> of our two parts seminar presentation on Medicare Part D Prescription Drug program In Part 1 we talked about the two different ways that you can get a Medicare Part D plan. We talked about when you can shop for plan, and that you must shop for Plan D each and every year. If you haven't seen that video, that is very important. In this video we're going to take you step-by-step through the process of finding the right Medicare Part D drug plan and shopping for it; being able to select it online through Before we get into the exact step-by-step process, let's go through some terminology that might help. First off; all prescription drug plans are different. They're not standardized, they are regulated. So each plant has a different formulary. The formulary is the list of drug that back plan covers. In addition to having a different formulary, they may also treat a drug differently then another company. How they treat those drugs is defined in their <b>Tier System</b>. A <b>Tier 1</b> drug is typically a preferred generic drug. A <b>Tier 2</b> drug would be a generic drug and may cost a bit more than it your <b>Tier 1.</b> A Tier 3 drug is going to be a preferred drug non-generic. A <b>Tier 4</b> will be a standard drug that is not generic or preferred. A<b> Tier 5</b> is going to be a specialty drug. The higher the tier, the more it will cost you. Each plan may or may not also have a deductible. Also, they're going to have a copy and /or coinsurance. A co-pay is the dollar amount that you pay when you pick up a prescription. It could be $1.00, it could be $10.00 per prescription The coinsurance as a percentage. You might have to pay 20% or 15%.... With that in mind, let's go through the process and take it step by step so that you can do it too. The first step is to go to the website <i><b></b></i> . Make sure that it's a dot GOV GOV for government. Not a .COM. A .COM is just a commercial sales site. <i><b></b></i> 2016 looks like this... The very center of the menu says specifically Part D drug coverage. Put your mouse cursor over that, the very last choice is &quot;Find Health &amp; Drug Plan&quot;. We are going to click on that. With that, we have come to the Medicare plan finder. We are going to do a General Search. So, we enter our zip code ID in here and we will use 33182. <i> (not my zip code)</i> Once you put in a zip code, go ahead and select &quot;Find Plan&quot;. This will take you to a questionnaire. Don't get intimidated by this. It's very simple. I asks; how do you get your Medicare trial coverage? In this case we've been talking about having Original Medicare Parts A &amp; Part B, then getting your own stand-alone Part D plan. So that is...