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SAF-T-FENCE PARTITIONING SYSTEM LAYOUT SERVICE AND QUOTATION WORKSHEET For a custom quote print out, complete pages 1 and 2. FAX both pages to 708-325-0450 Name Company Address City State Zip Phone
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I'm doing this video to show you how to use Excel this video is intended to teach a beginner someone who's never used Excel at all I'm using Microsoft Office Oh seven Excel is organized in columns and rows and this is the intersection of the column in the row is called a cell this is cell a1 I'm going to build an estimating template or an estimating worksheet for a small contractor or handyman sheet number two down here has some sheet things for me, and I'll be using those throughout the video first let's give the job or let's give the sheet a name, and we'll put that in the column a now we're going to start a list of materials and now is when I'm going to start cheating I'm going to take this top row I'm going to press copy I'm going to go back to sheet one and press paste now I've got materials price quantity total task or job name the number of hours my hourly rate and a total these are the columns I'm going to be working with first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to make this column larger so that we have more room to work with come over here to format press column width, and I'm going to make this you know type in 40 on the keyboard and press ok task I also like a large size, so I'm going to press format again I'm going to press column width type in 40 and instead of the screen I'm going to press ENTER on the keyboard there's always multiple ways of doing things with Mike Reserve with Excel it seems like the quantity is usually going to be one two three, so that can be a small number a small column price and totals are going to be a little larger, so I'm going to show you how to do multiple columns at one time highlight column B it can be you can highlight it here or here it doesn't matter just in that column I'm press CTRL on my keyboard my total column and my column over here, and now I'm going to go back to format column width I'm going to go 14 now I'm going to put a list of materials in here for us to work with those are called dancing ants press escape, and they'll go away I'm going to highlight this is a basically a deck job I'm going to highlight this area it's a list of materials with price and quantity press copy go back to sheet one and press paste now I've got some things I can work with in order to get my total in the totals column I'm going to use simple math on your keyboard press equals b3 I just highlight it I just hit it with my right click with my mouse and then on my keyboard press x and then with my mouse come over here and right click c3 and press Enter, and I've got to've got 15 point 4 times 2 is 30 point 8 now we're going to be working in dollars and cents, so I'm going to make this column, and then I'm going to press control and going to make this same column all dollar signs okay now I want I'm going to take these numbers and instead of repeating that formula over and over I'm going to you as a process called fill come down here till there's an X or a cross in the corner press down with your mouse and pull down...
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