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D In the event that Artist forms a corporation during the term hereof for that purpose of furnishing and exploiting his artistic talents Artist agrees that said corporation shall offer to enter into a management contract with Manager identical in all respects to this Agreement except as to the parties thereto. ARTIST MANAGEMENT AGREEMENT AGREEMENT made this day of 200 by and between Artist whose address is hereinafter referred to as Artist and Manager whose address is hereinafter referred to...
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Hi good afternoon everybody my name is Didier I am a member of the IMF the international music manager forum I'm the treasurer of the IMF the international music manager forum is a artist managers organizations with about 22 national organizations throughout the world representing in excess of 30 countries I am the president of the French organization artist managers organization called Amer and we are very pleased to see you this afternoon I'm immediately going to ask my dear friends here both Emily and Ron to introduce themselves quickly and then we're gonna go to the subject Emily my name is Emily white I run a management and consulting firm called white Smith entertainment and we are based in New York and Los Angeles I'm Ron stone and I'm president and founder of gold Mountain entertainment we have offices in four cities in America and we've been a business management business for 40 years and if you go on Google and look up gold mountain Ron stone gold mountain you'll be more impressed than I will be just to name a few because he's too shy to mention from Bob Dylan to Joni Mitchell Neil Young Beck Nia Varner I mean small bands you know just like you know that's whom he used to manage in the past very quickly on with old witnesses we've all been witnessing changes major changes in our business and we do believe today that the managers role has deeply changed and basically what we think is that basically the the manager becomes a real entrepreneur and that there is a transfer of risk both entrepreneurial and financial from major record companies or major labels onto the manager who is now developing careers Pro helping breaking new Act the question is is a really a transfer of risk how do you finance creation how do you finance development strategy a few numbers how much money does it take to take an app to a market what is the new business model for a manager is it a sustainable model how many arts do you need to manage what are the conditions to do so what is the evolution of potential evolution of the manager and label relation what about sharing the value on the internet that's a an issue that we have been focusing on for quite a few years what about big data and smart data those are a few issues we would like to address this afternoon we'd like to make this as interactive as possible so please feel free if you want to join into the conversation just raise your hand you have mics on the floor and you will be welcome rather than having an exchange at the end it's not a Q&A session finishing ending this panel it's during the panel don't hesitate you know just raise your hand and you can interrupt and ask either Emily or Ron whatever question you have to start please Ron maybe what is the manager's role and what's the evolution as you've been around for quite some time well as succinctly as possible the manager is the CEO of the artist company the artist doesn't like to think of themselves as a company but it's the music business the...