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For Paperwork Reductio instructions on completing ' orm, see in- structions for Form 1096. Notice and. Form 1099 N EC. Department of the Treasury-internal ...
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Hi guys i just wanted to show you something really quickly so I'm here in textin is calm and hopefully you guys have been following me on Facebook because I've been doing my best to give you guys some updates so the big update is that you actually can still extend a pen ionized it was a big rush big sense of urgency to get the 1099s out miscellaneous box 7 by janitor 31st but we do actually have a little bit of leeway we can request an extension of time I went ahead and updated that in facebook in all my social media profiles you can definitely going to reach a CPA advisor blog on it essentially if you're using an electronic system it's really simple I can show you right now you can just go into your system I'm in tax 1099 is right there file an extension 88 09 so all you do is click on that you basically choose the add a pair or you know if you're the only one in the system yours payer and then you choose 1099 miscellaneous NEC which basically is not employee compensation reporting only so this is obviously the one that was the big rush so if you save and continue basically at that point you just could submit that very simple also if you want to you also obviously have this the option to mail it or fax it in you would complete the ato 29 you would have an automatic 30-day extension it must be done by tomorrow though guys the whole point is if you're going to extend its because you couldn't get it done by tomorrow so like any extension you have to do it by the deadline and you can either fax or mail it in and the ad 809 looks like this and so basically you complete this information you check this baby off right here today and i miss NEC reporting only and then at that point you go ahead and sign it and send it over like i mentioned before you can go ahead and either a fax it or mail it but i would definitely think that through your electronic system would be the best also i just wanted to give a plug for payable they did an amazing cpa academy webinar in December all the information I've been receiving to be on see you has been reviewing their their content and I've lessons listen to their webinar a few times so GT Academy is absolutely amazing a lot of free webinars and it's watching live it's free CP which is unbelievable so yeah I just want to take table for their awesome awesome content and their webinar so that's about it guys so don't freak out now one thing I do want to mention this is an exception to the IRS you actually don't have an extension to recipients those are still due tomorrow but the webinar just give us a couple of options we actually can send a letter and that letter if it's granted if the extension is granted it does give us an extra 30 days to so the 88 09 gives us an extension to the IRS for the penalty of fifty dollars for perform but the letter is Pacific's is if it's accept it it gives us a no 30 days for the recipient delivery but what I'm suggesting especially for my clients that are using tax 299 I'm just tying them...