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Residential Property Sale Contract Form For WordProperty Sales - Property Sales Contracts Residential Property Sale Contract Form For Word. Sales contract (residential improved property) - Naples Area Board - SALES CONTRACT (RESIDENTIAL IMPROVED PROPERTY) (NABOR 1/1/2017) Page 2 of 11. SALES CONTRACT (RESIDENTIAL IMPROVED PROPERTY) - SALES CONTRACT (RESIDENTIAL IMPROVED PROPERTY) (NABOR 4/1/2012) Page 2 of 10. Sales contract-as is (residential improved property) - Naples Area - SALES...
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Instructions and Help about mcba purchase and sale contract form
Hello everybody and welcome to today's training session on the purchase contract that is the Maryland residential contract of sale today we're going to go over the core contract which are the first 11 pages of this Maryland purchase agreement my name is Tim Brooks with the Brooks group and the ultimate selling team at Keller Williams Realty once again welcome and let's get started ok so let's start out by defining what exactly a purchase contract is a residential contract of sale functions is a legally binding agreement between two parties concerning the terms of purchase or transfer of real property that means that everything in this purchase agreement is going to set out the terms the price what everybody must do who's a party to this contract the buyer and the seller this spells out all of the legalities of their obligations and what they must do to to execute and finally perform on this agreement if there's ever a dispute usually each one of these sections will tell you exactly what to do now before we get started with what's in the nuts-and-bolts or in the weeds of the contract if you will I want to just talk to you real quick about how to think about the contract because this can be very overwhelming especially for a new agent where it just seems like 50 pages of paperwork without any rhyme or reason and it actually is very simple if you can break it down and think about it in the right way so like our illustration shows there is the cour contract in the middle which is what we're going to go over now this is the core and everything else is simply an addition an addendum is an addition to our core contract depending on what are the special needs and circumstances of the deal now for example there may be an inspection addendum if the buyer chooses to have a home inspection or there may not be if they waive it there may be a seller contribution addenda if the buyer needs a seller contribution towards their closing costs or there may not be there may be property condition disclosures if the seller is obligated to disclose the condition of the property or they may not be if there are certain circumstances financing addendum depending on if it's FHA or VA or conventional then there will be an addendum to handle the financing portion and then any other addendum or disclosure as needed such as lead-based paint or any other circumstance that may show up but those are all the the addenda of the contract or all things that may or may not be there but it's adding something to the original core contract which is always going to stay the same for the most part so I want you just to think about it that way these eleven pages or the core and then everything else is just added on as needed if the circumstance fits it's no more complicated than that with that let's jump right in let's go to the top of the page page one that is time is of the essence time is of the essence in this contract the performance of every contractual obligation within the timeframe...