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WEST PENN MULTI-LIST, INC. 8980 Perry Highway Pittsburgh, PA 15237 Phone: (412) 367-5860 Fax: (412) 367-5869 INDEX Subject RULES AND REGULATIONS Page No. SECTION 1. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.3a 1.3b 1.4 1.5 1.6
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Hello and welcome to this matrix presentation my name is Jay Meyers senior national trainer for corelogic today our topics covered are going to be listing input or add edit from matrix smart facts a new feature wpm L a mobile app which is also a new feature then we're going to take you through the top questions and answers followed by a quick matrix review first listing input can only now be done inside of matrix look for the new input tab across the top menu bar of matrix right between market reports and links here's that tab I'm talking about called input now you may see some things on my screen that you normally aren't going to see so just ignore them let's just follow through and make sure we understand how to input listings how to add photos how to add attachments and how to edit listings in matrix so you log into matrix and you see your dashboard or your home page from your home page navigate to the input tab and select input once there choose the appropriate option to start with whether you're adding a new listing or editing an existing listing which we'll get to in just a moment first add new click once next choose the form that you're going to add the listing under in this case i'll use residential for the example today and then you have two different ways to start a listing one is to fill from a search so basically what that means is if you have an existing ml number that you need to copy or clone from you can type that number in the blank and say Phil from and that will populate some information into a blank form and give you a head start on filling out that information that's not a common option the more common option is starting with a blank listing click there that will not open up our listing form in matrix our forum is made up of a piece of paper let's say with a front side and a backside the general tab let's consider that the front side so everything here as I scroll down is the front side of the paper now don't forget there's also a backside and that's the tab called rooms please make sure you fill out that side also and don't forget and we'll talk about why in just a moment so think of rooms as the back side of the piece of paper in general as the front side so as we go through this all of the required fields in matrix are going to be highlighted in yellow simply fill in the required fields before you can make the listing and active listing and then of course anything else that you may feel is pertinent in this listing any non required fields that is so let's go ahead and just start this I'm not going to fill out an entire form I'm just going to go through and fill in some information now the good thing is all the information that you're used to is here there's no changes so if you don't know what's under a list just simply click on the little arrow and see what's there so let's just say we're going to start with Butler County and then we're going to put a price range in let's just do three hundred ninety-nine thousand...
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