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HQP-PFF-039 FOR Pag-IBIG FUND USE ONLY MEMBER S DATA FORM MDF Pag-IBIG MID NUMBER REGISTRATION TRACKING NUMBER INSTRUCTIONS 1. Copies of the Member s Change of Information Form MCIF HQP-PFF-049 and 6. On the CONTACT DETAILS portion indicate at least one 1 contact submit to the concerned Pag-IBIG Branch. Moles Scars etc. COMMON REFERENCE NUMBER CRN If Available For AFP/PNP Employee Serial/Badge No. FREQUENCY OF MS PAYMENT If payment of contribution is not thru payroll deduction Monthly...
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.PFF. 4. To complete the Name section: (1) Use the following code sequence for the first six (6) initials of your name - NOTE: The above information must be in the order shown in the tables, or the order of the names may not be correct. To correct error, repeat the above section. Note: If a section name is incomplete, complete the section by removing the missing characters as follows: 1) From the name (first name) 2) From the first two (2) names of the last six (6) initials of your name. 3) Repeat steps 2. and 3 for the rest of the names, except that for names with initials, omit the name of the previous name with the same initials. Note: For all individuals, the Name Extension name should be the last name of the head of household. It should be an extension of an original first name. 4. The LAST NAME EXTENSION is for a person whose name does not have an extension. 5. The MALE NAME EXTENSION is for a person with a gender that cannot be determined by the information provided. 6. In the FIRST LAST NAME Section, enter the given last names in the order given. 7. For all persons with non-first names, enter the first name only. 8. Add initials of last names (first and last first) by typing them after the given last name(s). To complete the female name, type only the last names after the last first, and to complete the male name, type only the last names after the last last. 9. To complete the full first name, type all characters. 10. To complete the full last name, type all first and last first and last. 11. To complete both full first and full last names, type all of the last name(s) and all of the first and first. (2) In the SEX / RACE Section, enter the given sex in BLOCK or CAPITAL LETTERS as follows: (1) FEMALE - Use the following code sequence: First sex name followed by last sex name. (Note: If a person's assigned sex is not known or if they are mixed sex, please write 'unknown' or leave blank.) (2) MALE - Use the following code sequence: First sex name followed by name of the gender given on the form or on the birth certificate. (Note: If a person's assigned sex is not known or if they are mixed sex, please write

Who needs a Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig?

Overseas Filipino workers, as well as locally employed persons, can join the Home Development Mutual Fund or Paging program with filing Form PFF-039.

What is Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig for?

The PFF-039, which is also called Member's Data Form, can be used for individual, self-employed, self-paying and unemployed members of PAG Ibig (pre-registered through the online) to provide all the necessary information about person’s financial and working status. In this form, the applicant declares the names of the people among whom applicant’s savings will be divided in the event of the death of an applicant

Is Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig accompanied by other forms?

There is no need to accompany this form with other forms. For any subsequent change of information two copies of the Member’s Change of Information, PFF-049 form should be submitted to the concerned Pag-IBIG Branch.

When is Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig due?

This fillable Form PFF-039 Pag Big is the last revised version which is absolutely up to date. You can use it at any time when you need it. No time limit for the submission of the form is set.

How do I fill out Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig?

The text of the form is preceded by instructions which should be read before completing the form.

You should complete this form in two copies and provide information on the following topics:

  • Membership Category;
  • Applicant’s personal information (including member’s name as appearing on the birth certificate);
  • Address and Contact Details;
  • Present Employment Details;
  • Previous Employment From Date of Paging Fund Membership;
  • Heirs.

Where do I send Form PFF-039 Pag Ibig?

Completed and signed, this form should be directed to the nearest Pag-IBIG office.

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