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SUB-SUBCONTRACTOR ESTIMATE FOR CHANGE ORDER Form SS-1 (12/96) Project Code: Agency: Project: General Contractor: Subcontractor: Sub-Subcontractor: Sub-Subcontractor Trade: Change Description: SUB-SUBCONTRACTOR
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hello my name is Randi hurt I am the contractors accountant here at fast easy accounting we are primarily a construction accounting firm and I want to share with you our change order sample that you can use with one it adds one condition the condition is real simple we are not attorneys this is not considered a legal document put together by the attorney we do recommend that you have your own attorney review the document and make any changes that they recommend and see you fit before you use it that's my one disclaimer now I will say that we have used a form very similar this and our own construction business for several years and it really helped anything I mean anything even something back of McDonald's bag will help because what happens is there is a discussion takes place between you and your customer or your phone in your customer can you do blank the four important words while we're already here or since it's already open and too often the work gets done you don't get paid because nothing that put on paper so this is a real simple way to make it on paper and what happens is this is actually in a PDF file you can use the Acrobat the free reader and a little but up here it says hi highlight existing feels you click that it'll highlight the fields so the first thing you do is put your company name appear Rock Creek instruction and it's a fake name if you anybody uses QuickBooks will recognize it and it's located the fake address is 1 2 3 Main Street and blend would Washington 98 o 3 6 I chose that because our business is a little in Horsham the original contract at this commissary the change order date is 1015 2012 and I recommend you you use a naming convention in convention we use for a long time was we put the Year first followed by the number of the project so in this case is 2012 this is a 36th project we've worked done and this is a change order so let's change c01 and our contract refers to if you're working for a contractor we ramp sure a specialty contractor like a plumber electrician a CDC landscaper painter all kinds of specialty contractors or yorking for a homeowner this case ranks for homeowner and that person's name is Bob along Bob is located at one two three four six Alma discrete and he's also located oddly enough in Lynnwood Washington I need all three six you'll note that when I put in rock reconstruction and filled it in here when they put in Bob along it filled it in here now it talks about the agreement described between Bob and rock reconstruction and the original agreement the contract was dated on October the first of two zero one two now you'll notice it also reiterates all paint agreements and contract can dish ins remain has mentioned the same contract eight so I come down here this line make a little easier to see I'm gonna say we're gonna add a new roof at a cost of five thousand dollars we're going to delete the back porch had a savings of...