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Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited RepresentativeDHS Form G28Department of Homeland SecurityOMB No. 16150105 Expires 03/31/2018Part 1. Information About Attorney or Accredited
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Laws calm legal forms guide the purpose of the forum g28 titled the notice of entry of appearance as attorney or accredited representative is to provide notice that an attorney or accredited rep of a religious charitable social service or similar organization will appear before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services on behalf of an applicant involved in a manner before the government agency the form G — 2 8 consists of 3 pages and does not contain a filing fee the G — 2 8 form is to be only used by attorneys those attorneys admitted to the practice of law in countries other than the United States must use form G — 2 8i and may only represent individuals in matters filed in DHS offices outside the confines of the United States Part one of the G — 2 8 form labeled the notice of appearances attorney or accredited representative or require the filer to check one block to indicate the DHS agency where the matter is filed if the appropriate agency is the USCIS list the form numbers filed with form G — 2 8 if the agency is the CBP or IC e lists the specific manner in which the appearance is entered after you have designated the appropriate agency you must fill in all information including the mailing address of the applicant the petitioner or the respondent note this information is not required if filed under the Violence Against Women Act the applicant respondent or petitioner must sign the form in dark blue or black ink part 2 of the G — 2 8 form titled information about attorney or accredited representative will require the applicant to check the box and fill in required information regarding the state bar of admission if you are subject to any order or any court suspending you must disclose this information on Form G — 2 8 additionally you must check the box and fill in the name of the organization recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals in this section when all information is satisfied print and sign your name under part 3 of the form titled name and signature of attorney or accredited representative to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws com
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