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In addition to imprisonment a fine of up to 10 000 may also be imposed. Form 130-U Rev. 8/2013 Online Form at www. APPLICATION FOR TEXAS TITLE TYPE OR PRINT NEATLY IN INK TAX OFFICE USE ONLY Tax Collector Standard Presumptive Value SPV County Date Transaction Number Appraisal Value 1. AVAILABLE HELP For assistance in completing this form contact your County Tax Assessor-Collector. For information about motor vehicle sales and use tax or emission fees contact the Texas Comptroller of Public...
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Identification Type(IF YOU ARE A REPORTER OR MEMBER OF THE APPELLATE COMMISSION) 1. First Name:Middle Initial:Dollar Value2. Last Name:Last Initial:Currency 3. State/Territory of IncorporationName and Address1. Name (Street Address)2. City or ZIP/Postal Code3. State or Province of Residence:4. Country of Residence5. Occupation 6. Occupant's Gender7. Occupant's Sex8. Occupant's Age9. Occupant's Height10. Occupant's Weight11. Occupant's Height And Weight With Shoes12. Number of Children12. Occupant's Blood Pressure13. Occupant's Diabetic Alertness14. Occupant's Cardiopulmonary Condition or Disability15. Occupant's Physical Profile C. Personal Property 1. Address of Last Principal Residence2. Name of Lessor3. Title Number4. Lessee's Driver License Number5. State of Lessee's Citizenship, Nationality or Residence6. Signature of Lessee8. Lessee's Signature9. Seller's Signature10. Seller's Telephone Number11. Seller's Physical Address12. The date that this Title shall be given to the County Tax Collector, if Applicable13. The date of sale E. Remarks 1. This is an information statement and is not an exact copy of the Title Information Statement filed by the Tax Collector with the Office of the Secretary of State at the time of registration but which is of a similar type and contains more complete and correct information. 2. The information in the Personal Property Statement indicates the amount of cash or money, not a specific price, disclosed in the Transaction Number, except as otherwise stated. It is not intended or required by law to disclose a specific price for a particular vehicle or for a particular installment of lease transactions in addition to the applicable cash or money price. 3. The amount of cash or money included will vary with the transaction number. If the value of the cash or money is 75.00 or more, it is disclosed at a lesser amount. 4. The amounts displayed for the sales tax rate, State and County of occurrence are the amounts charged on the actual sales invoice or statement and not those in accordance with the annual statement posted by the county tax collector. 5. This statement is not an exact copy of the title information statement filed at the time of registration by the Tax Collector.

Who needs a 130U form?

When registering a motor vehicle, you must apply for a Certificate of Title as proof of legal ownership.

What is the 130U form for?

The 130u Form is an application for the certificate of title for a vehicle. The title is a legal form that establishes the individual or business as the legal owner of a vehicle.

Is the 130U form accompanied by other forms?

The 130U form is submitted to your local Country tax collector-assessor. Additionally, you will need to provide proof of ID, car insurance, vehicle inspection, and ownership. You will also need to pay the $50.75 vehicle registration fee.

When is the 130U form due?

The 130U form is due within 30 days of sale when registering a vehicle.  The vehicle cannot be legally operated without a title certificate. Even if not titling your vehicle, 130U form should be submitted if registering.

How do I fill out the 130U form?

The 130U form is self explainable and should be filled in as required. It will ask for information such as:

  • Identifying information about the vehicle, its vehicle identification number, make, color, and year of manufacture.

  • The license plate number.

  • Technical information about the vehicle to define its taxation regime; its gross vehicle weight, motive power, and purchase price when new.

  • The name and address of the purchaser or "registered owner" .

  • If money is owed on the vehicle, the name of the lienholder or "legal owner" to whom this money is owed

  • The signature of the seller of the seller and the buyer

Where do I send the 130U form?

The 130U form should be sent to your Local County Tax Assessor-Collector with the accompanying forms.

Dot is at your service just bought a used car truck you won't officially be its new owner until you complete a few simple steps required by state law especially when you're buying a vehicle from an individual the best way to protect yourself and make sure you do everything right is to go with the seller to the local county tax office and let the experts help you complete the sale now let's go over what you need to do when you buy a used vehicle or receive a vehicle as a gift step 1 get a properly signed title and make sure the seller signs the application for Texas certificate of title a vehicle's title identifies its official owner it's your responsibility to notify Dot within 20 business days of the sale date to let us know the vehicle now belongs to you and to request a new title in your name you'll need two things to apply for title the vehicles title and the application for Texas certificate of title form 1:30 you download the format with gov or get one at your county tax office the seller must sign and date the back of the vehicles title and enter the mileage from the odometer the seller also has to write in the sales price and sign your application for a new title if you procrastinate it'll cost you if you don't apply for a new title within 20 business days from the date of sale you'll automatically be charged a ×25 penalties plus another $25 for every month you're late if you are buying a car or truck from a car lot or a dealership they will apply for a new title in your name always ask for a copy of the paperwork for your records step 2 get the Texas registration receipt VIN number and seller information be sure to ask for the vehicles Texas registration receipt note the date you got the vehicle and write down the previous owners name address and phone number you'll also need the vehicle identification number or VIN which you can find on the title keep the records in a safe place in case there's ever a question about the vehicle step3 print a vehicle transit permit, so you can drive to the county tax office to title the vehicle if the seller kept the place owners can now keep a vehicle's license plates after they sell a car truck if the car truck you're buying in a private sale has had its plates and registration sticker removed you legally aren't allowed to drive it unless you have a temporary vehicle transit permit download one for free online at www.viki go to the County Tax Office with the seller when you're buying a vehicle in a private sale the best way to protect yourself and avoid potentially costly mistakes is for you to go with the seller to the local county tax office staff can check to make sure the vehicle has a clean title without any legal or salvage issues immediately completing the required paperwork also means you won't be facing any late filing fees always make sure you've obtained a properly signed title and the sellers signature and sales price on your application for Texas certificate of title, so you have what you...
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