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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing medicine schedule form
now we're going to turn our focus to control drugs and the drugs in the United States are legally controlled under the comprehensive drug abuse prevention and Control Act this was passed by Congress in 1970, and it regulates the manufacture distribution importation possession and use of drugs it also places all drugs into one of five schedules we'll talk about that next this provides guidelines for drug enforcement agencies to prevent and prosecute for use of these drugs for other than their intended pharmaceutical use so now let's look at this drug schedule places drugs in one of five categories or classes scheduled one through schedule five and this is based on whether the drugs have current acceptable accepted medical uses and what the potential for abuse is so schedule one drugs have no current accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse and here we see examples like heroin LSD marijuana or hashish mescaline MDMA which is also known as ecstasy in the other schedules these are all drugs that have current accepted medical uses and their risk for abuse good ranges from high down to lowest so here you're going to see some pretty serious drugs like and opium cocaine our schedule to drugs these have high potential for abuse, but they do have accepted medical uses Schedule three drugs have medium potential for abuse they do have current accepted medical uses here we see with acetaminophen this is known as codeine with acetaminophen anabolic steroids these have potential for abuse but not as high as schedule 2 drugs scheduled for hello potential for abuse they do have accepted medical uses, but they can be used for other than their pharmaceutical use and then schedule five have the lowest and these are things that you can sometimes buy in your pharmacy, but they're regulated so one of the things to think about and discuss with your classmates is how drugs get on the drug schedule one of the things that has to be determined is whether the drug has potential for abuse and this ruling is often controversial and the following videos will look at some of these drugs one by one and talk about their chemistry behind them
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