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DJ Bill's Mobil DJ Service W10605 State Hwy 70 Park Falls, WI 54552 (715) 762-1988 For All Occasions: Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Corporate Events, School Dances, Proms, Sound Reinforcement
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yo what's up guys welcome back to the channel and once again welcome back to DJ tips tuesdays alright guys here we go today's tip the pro tip is make sure you have an adequate contract now I mentioned this before on my previous DJ tips Tuesday's it might have been - DJ tip Tuesdays ago but well we were talking about corporate structure or company structure I did mention briefly contracts now contracts are absolutely important we all agree everyone knows sign a contract for everything you even signed a contract every time you click on that little agreement that pops up on the internet because you want to read that weird article that you found already yes you just signed your life away but when it comes to us when it comes to the DJ world you need to have a contract that's legitimate that's robust in that covers you as well as the client now a lot of these companies that I've worked for subcontracted or happen or know people that own DJ companies or even myself when I started way back in the day they have a very simple one-page contract it just goes over certain things like the date the price though might mention just a package in a small little disclosure in the bottom yes this is legally binding it is a contract and 99 of the time you don't have to worry about it now me personally I experienced the worst case scenario we did an event this is way back when I was the managing partner for synergy entertainment me and the other partners we were booked client was estatic we discuss what the music was that was to be played gave examples of it it was actually Dominican music and I was born in Dominican Republic and raised there for about a decade so I knew what kind of music they wanted my guys went out they did the event I wasn't there personally everyone danced we have footage the crowd was rocking the entire night and at the end person came up to them and said listen you didn't play exactly what we wanted you to play so we're not gonna pay you right worst thing you want to hear it especially after you rock down the party growing pains some people might do this to you most people all some people do anyways what else are you gonna do just gonna back up and you gotta go they sign the contract but at that point you try to reason with the client you reach out to the client they neglect your calls the next step is legal you'd take them to court at that point you need to figure out how much are you charging we weren't charging that much it was a very small event instead worth going to court for instead worth the headache you know to us it wasn't worth it but it was a valuable lesson the lesson was we need to make sure that we are covered completely and there are clients covered now here's the difference that smaller contract that we had and that most people have it's great it covers the event but it doesn't guarantee either you or the client that they are absolutely covered for everything my...