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FINANCIAL STATEMENT Name s _____________________________ Address ________________________________ The following is submitted as being true and accurate statement of the financial condition of the undersigned on the _st day of r 200. ASSETS LIABILITIES Applicant Cash in Banks Money Markets Funds Contract Deposit Investments Bonds Stocks - see schedule Investment in Own Business Accounts Notes Receivable Real Estate Owned-see schedule Year Make Automobiles Personal Property Furniture...
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What is the agency disclosure form? Agency disclosure form is a form that New York state requires real estate brokers to give consumers in connection with residential real estate transactions. OK, so what is the definition of residential real estate? Transactions and residential real estate transaction is a one- to four-family transaction it also includes co-ops and condos. The agency disclosure form is not required in commercial transactions. New York state law requires real estate brokers to give consumers or anyone thats party to a transaction a disclosure form saying how they're acting only in connection with residential real estate transactions. Is the specific agency disclosure form required? Once again I remind you that a real estate brokers are always required to inform the parties how they're acting in connection with the transaction that would include commercial transactions. Is the agency disclosure form used for residential rental transactions? Yes there are actually two agency disclosure forms. One is used for rental transactions, the other is for purchase and sale transactions. OK, I'm so we are just require that we put an address on that form? No, there is no there's no address required on the form. The form is relationship-based its not transactional based. OK, so can you give me an example of what that means, that statement that its "relationship-based"? The agency disclosure form is relationship-based it's not based on a particular transaction. So, for example, I could be representing a buyer and I could give the agency disclosure form in the summer. Then we work together a little with the buyer and then we don't work together for a while. Next summer the buyer comes back to me, and we're working the same capacity. I do not need to to re-deliver the agency disclosure form because I've already said they were acting in that certain capacity as opposed to saying that we work on a particular transaction together. So, Neil, if I'm workign with somebody and a time lapses, how much time should I let lapse before I re-disclose? Well as we will talk about later you can never over- disclosed, so there's certainly no harm. If you work with someone in the summer in a couple of months go by to re-deliver the form so they understand what capacity you're acting in. But IIN theory there is no time frame as long as they still understand, or you gave the form and they understood that; there really is no time frame. Does the agency disclosure form create a contract between the real estate broker and consumer? No. The agency disclosure form is simply that a disclosure form. If you look at it, it clearly says this is not a contract. So no it does not create any contract between the parties.
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