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General routine maintenance can be the difference between your Ford f-150 lasting 50,000 miles or 250,000 miles it needs to be done on schedule and luckily you can do the majority of it yourself most of the maintenance requires a basic tool set and patience there are brand out if you need to do something or when to do it refer to your owners manual engine oil oil keeps your engine lubricated to perform its best when it gets old it starts to break down and lose its lubricating properties once this happens parts in the engine will begin to overheat due to the friction and will eventually lead to the engine ceasing change your oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles or three months whichever comes first check your engine oil via dipstick twice a week refer to the owners manual for the proper weight oil and the amount to use transmission fluid like engine oil this keeps your transmission both lubricated and cool without a transmission components will wear against each other and eventually break destroying the transmission changing this fluid is a bit more challenging than your engine oil but definitely doable for the weekend mechanic check the level of fluid monthly using the dipstick change the fluid every sixty thousand miles refer to the owners manual for the proper ATF to use engine coolant without coolant your engine will overheat and die very quickly it's important to make sure your coolant level is within the markings on the reservoir especially if you live in a hot climate likewise getting a proper mixture of 50/50 antifreeze to water is important as well the antifreeze will protect your engine from below freezing temperatures without it hoses and fittings good freeze over and crack causing leaks check the coolant twice a week using markings on the side of the reservoir change the coolant every 70 to 100,000 miles brake fluid this is a more involved task and not something recommended for the beginning mechanic because a mistake could mean redoing it all over again or a catastrophe your brake fluid is what makes your brakes work by using the fluid pressure to compress the pistons on the brake rotors without it your brakes can fail the brake fluid should be changed every 30 to 50,000 miles check the fluid once every two weeks by taking a look at the reservoir make sure that not only is the fluid up to level but that the fluid is a light clear color use only dot three or four fluids to fill check the owners manual to see which is for your car power steering fluid your power steering pump is linking to your main drive belt so keeping the fluid full is uh necessity if the fluid starts to run low you'll be greeted by a whining sound when you try to turn the steering wheel if it runs completely dry it can cause the pump to seize which can break your drive belt leaving the truck inoperable check monthly using the marker on the reservoir top as needed with fresh fluid check the owners manual to see for preference tires without tires your truck won't go...