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CERTIFICATION IN SUPPORT OF PROBABLE CAUSE State of New Jersey Court Name County of Court Address Date of Incident Location of Incident Municipality I offer the following facts and information to establish probable cause in this complaint against Defendant s Name whom I would like to charge with. List Statute s or Ordinance s How do you know the identity of the person you are charging Describe incident in detail Certification I certify that the foregoing statements made by me are true. I am...
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Music Applause immigration attorney Michael Noriegatold the assembly Judiciary Committeehow ice agents stopped and arrested his19 year old client a so-called dreamerafter a court hearing for DUI an SUVpulls across the intersection andseveral individuals jump out one of themfixes their hand on my chest and pushesme back they grab my client they put himup against the vehicle and they arrestNoriega says his clients now in removalproceedings advocates report ice haspicked up at least six unauthorizedimmigrants at state courts over the pastfive months but even more in municipalcourts using federal immigrationwarrants not issued by judges Noriegasays just the fact that they're hereundocumented they may issue thosewarrants to come after them and use ourcourts as a mechanism to make thathappen more easily I can tell youpersonally I have had several clientswho were arrested in Municipal Courtattorney Susan Roy says one unauthorizedimmigrant who's eligible for a specialvisa because he helped law enforcementsolve a crime got picked up in trafficcourt and faced deportation butstatistics are hard to get more and moreis happening if a municipal court leftand I think that's where the realproblem lies because generally speakingpeople that you know who have amunicipal court matters are non are lessviolent or less serious criminaloffenders or perhaps are criminaloffenders at all a request from NewJersey Supreme Court Chief Justice tostop making courthouse arrests hasobviously not deterred ice the result achilling effect on victims and witnessesadvocates claim victim its domesticviolence is affected s and she wanted toknow the likelihood of ice coming toarrest her if she went to file arestraining order we can't expect peopleto come forward as witnesses or victimsthat they're afraid that ice will arrestand deport them advocates say ice canmake detainer requests asking countyjails to hold unauthorized immigrantsuntil agents can get there to arrestthem and some New Jersey counties wanttoassists ice in the past year threeCounty Sheriff offices Anna CountyDepartment of Corrections and New Jerseyhave enrolled in ten a partnership withice but even if counties refuse suspectswaiting for a judge to decide on bailunder New Jersey's recent reforms couldend up detained by ice now the report isundocumented and they go right to icedetention regardless of whether or notordinarily they would have been you knowgiven pretrial you know release as anunintended consequence absolutely so andthose numbers are going to be big Istated it does not track court arrestsmeanwhile the tangle of jurisdictionsprompted one lawmaker to observe thesimple solution would be simply evade alaw if you're here illegally go home ifyou're the victim of domestic abuse justthink how safe you'll be if you'rethousands of miles away from yourAmerican citizen abuser the committeewants to gather more information andexplore possible...