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11 Count Graph Paper Courtesy of 22 33 44 55 99 88 77 66 55 44 33 22 11 11 See for graph paper in several stitch counts, and
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Alright hey guys don't mind me my voice is a little funny but today I'm going to be teaching you how to make a graph with your Photoshop or your crochet your cross stitching or knitting patterns so the first thing you're going to do is going to choose the image that you want to make I'm just going going to look for a random apart or demonstration purposes and I'm going to a I want this owl and find the owl I'm going to right click if image put it into a folder i photoshop here's the example of the bee we're going to open up our well the first thing you're going to do is you're going to crop your owl so this is already cropped but if you have an image that has a lot of white around it you can crop it so that the image is right to the edges like this one so now I'm going to go to image and then image size and I'm going to make it smaller so it usually goes by the amount of stitches so how many how large you want your project to be say I want to have one side in my image to be 300 stitches and I'm going to put 300 and okay and they'll probably shrink it and as you can see it's already somewhat pixelized now we're going to go to filter and pixelate and down to pink and this is where you're going to just fiddle around and see which one you like so this is at cell size 3 and every square that you see will be a stitch oh if you add if you bring it to four you can still sort of see the image you probably once you crocheted or knitted it or something like that you'd probably still be able to tell to an owl but it just depends on how much detail you want in your photo so if I went up to five still probably would be an owl but for me I probably stick with a see this is Wade so DT I'll go with the three this makes things that's okay you and we're going to go over to brightness and contrast and I'm going to take my contras ollie up Teufel and that's going to reduce the amount of colors in your pattern well because there is a light brown in the dark brown as a white and then I gray you don't necessarily need to do those colors but if you wanted to have the shading then you know you're welcome to do that but if you want to just have black brown white and then orange for the beak and the feet then you know it would still look like an owl in the end it's going to flatten my image and so now we have to learn how to make a grid so we're going to create a new file and because we made it a some size three cells we're going to make a pixel three width and three height and then we're going to make the background transparent and then press okay you're super-tiny just zoomed in and I'm gonna grab the line tool we're gonna come over here you know my lines are messed up I don't know why we're going to make one line on one side and we're going to take that and we're going to duplicate a year and transform run outside you that is going to be our fill so once you make this fill and then you add it to your project it will make it a grid we go over to define pattern and you're...
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