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CHOICE HOME WARRANTY Thank you for your interest in becoming a CHW Vendor. You are temporarily approved to be a CHW Vendor and will begin receiving work orders right away. Or mail to Choice Home Warranty 1090 King Georges Post Road Edison NJ 08837 NOTICE TO ALL CHW VENDORS Invoices are not accepted via Fax or Mail. You MUST register and use the online Vendor Center located at www. Please be aware that your temporary approval is valid for 30 days and will only be made permanent upon receipt of...
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All I can say is your company has morecomplaints against them with the BetterBusiness Bureau that any other companyI've ever done a story on is not sureall my years of reporting that is nottrue we have a lot of customers victimand allow a owns choice home warranty abusiness headquartered in Edison NewJersey that solicits customersnationwide on its website through emailand television advertising wouldn't itbe nice to have a coverage plan sort oflike insurance to cover your heating airconditioning plumbing and appliances forabout a dollar a day the company websitecontains glowing customer testimonialsbut the Better Business Bureau giveschoice home warranty and F rating basedon 763 complaints since 2010 so we wentto seem and allow e he met us outsidepeople pay hundreds of dollars for thiswarranty and then they complain whensomething goes wrong with theirappliances you don't cover the repair nothat isn't true I have several hundredthousand service requests and a lot ofhappy customers you do because I haveappliance repair people who haven't beenyour gonna I have victims who have hadto pay for their own repairs and I can'tget you - I'm not gonna comment if youwant unless you shut the camera off I'mbecause the whole thing about shuttingthe cap because you know you you can'tyou know I don't appreciate youbum-rushing me you know you're the onewho came out of the building I came outof the building because I know you weretrying to reach me we wanted to ask himabout customers like NAT journey fromLong Island who pays 425 dollars a yearfor his warranty when his airconditioning stopped working in May hecalled the company expecting the quickservice they advertise quickappointments with licensed pre-screenedlocal contractors but he waited andwaitedfinally nine days later and this was inthe middle of May we had the 100 degreeheat wave and I had no air conditioningsomebody came to the house they lookedat my compressor said your compressor isshot you need a new compressor we'llsend the paperwork in to the company andyou'll hear back from the wind in 24hours the company called him a weeklater asking for his maintenance recordscherni who changes his own airconditioning filters every monthsent them the receipts from the fewtimes the unit had been repaired butthat apparently wasn't enough they saidwe are denying your claim why they saidthere was negligence on your part theypointed to this language in the contractwe will not pay for repairs or failuresthat result from the contract holdersfailure to perform normal or routinemaintenance so unit has been maintainedafter chair knee repeatedly complainedchoice home warranty finally sent him acheck for $300 but it cost him $3,000 toreplace the compressor I think they're acompany that's there to take money andnot pay it out there are hundreds ofsimilar complaints online such as choicehas one default...
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