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So you just landed a new client and you're ready to get things going but you don't really know what to do for the onboarding process stay tuned we're gonna go through that in this video Alright welcome back everybody my name is Jordan Seen also known as CerealEntrepreneur and at this channel we talk all about starting marketing agency running a personal brand building a business online so if you're interested in learning about any of those things or just learning about how digital marketing works then make sure to subscribe to this channel and hit the notification bell in the bottom right hand corner right below this videos the onboarding process is a super important part of taking on a new client Well because it's going to do one thing primarily which is make sure that they don't kind of come back to you and say all right well we want to cancel our plan we kind of changed our mind and we're not thinking about going that route anymore So this onboarding process actually does more than just gathering information and getting all the proper information like passwords and username sand information about the company and their clients It does more than that it actually secures the sale that you just landed and that's really what's most important because if you don't continue to do business with them then none of the other things matter That's what's most important so let's talk about what you need to do to run a smooth and easy onboarding process oh and if you stay till the end of this video I'll make sure to tell you about how you can get access to a checklist for your marketing agency about onboarding and some things you'll want to make sure you include so the onboarding process really does two main things number one it collects a bunch of information about customer their clients or login information all of that right but the second thing again is that it builds trust and it helps them have a better experience overall with your marketing agency so that way when it comes to testimonial time they're like oh yeah it was super easy to work with this agency and that'super important for you guys as agency owners to know, so that's why we want todo this process and that's why you need to know the five main steps to collecting information and what you need to get from these clients so lets gointo that so step number one is to collect basic information about the client what's their business name who is the client like what is the actual owner's name or marketing directors name what is their phone number email address how do they prefer to be contacted all of that is super important because you want that to be easy for your agency to be able to communicate with their business also you're doing things like sending the contract or any credit card authorization form so that way you can use their credit card for ad spend if you need to so all of those things are things you want to go ahead and send over to your clients the final part of step one is really just to...
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