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State 4-H Dog Show Immunization Record Year: 4-H Member s Name: County: Dog s Name: Sex: Predominant Breed: Height at Shoulders: Color/Markings: Weight: M Vaccinations (* Required) Expiration Date
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Puppy and dog vaccinations did you knownewborn puppies receive disease fightingantibodies in their mother's milk butthese antibodies normally last for onlythe first few weeks so vaccinations arean essential part of a dog's health careregime for life let's start with puppiesand their vaccination needs vaccinationswork by introducing agents into theirbody to stimulate their own immunesystem so they can produce their ownantibodies don't worry it doesn't hurttoo much puppies usually have a courseof three vaccinations normally givenfour weeks apart these are their firstvaccinations at six to eight weeks theirfirst booster vaccinations at ten totwelve weeks their final puppyvaccinations at fourteen to sixteenweeks so as soon as you first get yourpuppy home check with your vet about theseries of puppy vaccinations when yourpuppy is one year old they will need tobe given the adult dog vaccinationprogram from one year since their lastpuppy vaccination your dog will needbooster vaccines these are veryimportant and are critical forprotecting your dog against serious andsometimes fatal diseases in all casesyou must take advice from your vet andensure all vaccines are up to date soyou can be sure your best friend lives ahappy and healthy lifesubscribe to our channel and watch ourvideos on dog health or visit Purinacomdata s you for more information