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SAME REGISTRATION The SAME Act, Act no 31 of 2000 mandates SAME to provide for the registration of all educators. The Act explains the importance of registration for those in the teaching profession,
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to teach if she is not registered, including self-education. Registering with the SACE is no more than a matter of fulfilling the requirements set by the Act and ensuring your teaching certificate is in order. Therefore, all prospective teachers should be familiar with the relevant requirements and regulations in order to be in compliance. However, with the passage of time, there may sometimes be cases where certain teaching qualifications could be deemed to be insufficient to be registered, or if the requirement to hold a degree, certificate or other relevant qualification in a particular field has changed. In such cases, teachers should be aware of whether they need to change to be registered in a particular profession. Teachers, especially those in rural and low resource areas, should also be aware of the possibility of not having an adequate understanding of a particular field in order not to be able to be registered. Please refer to the registration links section located in the main menu on the left-hand side to view examples of successful registration applications. PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE FOR REGISTRATION A registration application must be received at: the Ministry of Education Office in any province, if a teacher is applying directly to the Ministry the office (which would be the Office for Education, if an applicant is not applying directly to the Ministry) in any city or town where a teacher is working as a teacher, if a teacher is applying to a school or school district In both cases, the applicant must provide all of the following with their application: the teacher's name the teacher's student's name the number of enrolled students the teacher's name & address in every location the teacher is working if the teacher's classroom numbers in the city and town where the applicant is applying were changed after January 1, 2010, if required the school address/postal code the teacher's occupation when applying, and the teacher's certification or credential if no certification or credential is submitted if an application for registration is incomplete, and there is no specific reason found to support this, the applicant will not be given any further consideration. The Ministry's registration database is online, and can also be accessed by calling 1-800-665-3322, or by visiting SACE REGISTRATION STATUS A teacher who has been registered is deemed to be a teacher and will be able to teach in the Province in which she was registered
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Click on the educator login menu item located in the menu bar on the left side of the page once the educator login page has loaded you will see two empty fields one for your username and one for your password first click in the username field and enter your username when finished click in the password field and enter your password once your username and password is entered click the login button you are now entered the says-- CTV educator portal if you've forgotten your username or password click on the educator login button click the forgot username password link above the login button once the forgot username password page has loaded enter the cell phone number that you used when you signed up and click send an SMS containing your username and password will be sent to your cell phone after you've logged in with your username and password the Welcome message and the current user that is logged in will be displayed at the top of the educator portal below the Welcome message you will find educator portal menu bar we will complete the information located in each of these menu items starting with the educators details menu item that is selected by default you will also notice that details entered and saved during the sign-up process if you wish to update your phone number email or residential address click or use the tab key to select a field and alter the information when finished you must click the Save button located at the bottom of the page if you signed up using only your ID number the CITED self-service portal shows a red notice above the educator portal menubar once you've received your sales registration number click on the update your sales registration number button and enter your number in the provided field after you've entered your sales registration number click the Save button to continue the system will display a message indicating your new username and password you will no longer use the temporary username and password received before an SMS containing your new username and password will also be sent to your cell phone please remember to write down or save these details as you will need them to log into the CTV self-service portal also note that the password is case-sensitive now login to the CPT d-sub service portal again we now need to show you how to develop or update your professional development portfolio you will work on your professional development portfolio throughout the year as you participate in various professional development activities you will use the portfolio to one identify your developmental needs and plan for your three-year CITED cycle to record your participation in type 1 type 2 and type 3 professional development activities 3 provide evidence of your participation in professional development and report your participation in professional development to SAME now start developing or updating your portfolio below the educator portal menubar is the update your professional development portfolio button click the...
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