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hi guys, so I'm going to be teaching you how to make a face chart today, and we are going to start out by printing out the face charts because I know that Mac face charts are not available, so I'm gonna show you how to make a face chart from literally the beginning to end so right now I'm on my computer, and I am on Google but what I'm gonna do is on Google I'm going to search print whoops principal Mac face charts as you can see right there I just typed in Mac principal Mac face charts honestly the best face chart that I found was the one right here and this is by makeup anarchist comm she has all the Mac face charts here so here are the blank ones she has this one with the eye close the one that you mostly see often which is that one's basically the seeing this one and that's what she has on her website or his website, but anyway this is the one that I picked out this is my favorite so what I'm going to do is on my computer I'm just going to right-click it and I'm just gonna go to save image eyes, and I'm just gonna save it as anything I'm going to save now this is what it looks like so this is what my face chart looks like when I've saved it to my computer now what I want to do is I want to get rid of these things right here that you show where it's from I've just saved that under big face chart what I'm going to do after that is I'm going to go to a website called picmonkeycom and this is what it looks like I'm just going to click Edit and then it's gonna pull up all my pictures I'm going to go to pictures and I'm just gonna go ahead and go get that face chart that I just saved, so it's gonna come up here now there's definitely an easier way to do this is just the way that I did it because it was easiest to me, I'm gonna go to the left hand side right now, and I'm gonna click on overlays and then I'm going to go to geometric, and I'm going to click on the rectangle now the rectangle shows up right here I'm going to change the color of that rectangle to white so that you see it disappears and all I'm going to do is I'm just gonna cover up these signatures that are on here so that I can put my own on here, so I made that one disappear and then I'm going to make the other ones disappear as well and this is not to like get rid of the person who got this Mack face chart on the computer or whoever a makeup anarchist is this is just so that everybody knows that when I color on it or draw on this face chart that it is my work if you want you can add like a little signature on it which I did on a couple of mine so if you see right here at the bottom of the face chart it says beauty by Julia cut off a little but you can do that if you want you just go over to the text tools, and you click whatever type of text you want let's see which one's pretty don't do this one you're going to like add text text box is gonna come up, and you're just gonna take your signature on it, I also like to actually write my signature as well on the fees chart there's a...
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