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Form CMS-485 C-3 12-14 Formerly HCFA-485 Print Aligned Privacy Act Statement Sections 1812 1814 1815 1816 1861 and 1862 of the Social Security Act authorize collection of this information. The primary use of this information is to process and pay Medicare benefits to or on behalf of eligible individuals. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services Form Approved OMB No* 0938-0357 HOME HEALTH CERTIFICATION AND PLAN OF CARE 1. Patient s HI Claim No* 2. Start Of...
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Comments and Help with home health certification and plan of care

It is not uncommon to ask for medical treatment to be given in a patient’s home rather than in a healthcare institution. So, how can home health care be legally documented? To accomplish this, a patient's attending physician will have to complete Home Health Care Certification and Plan of Care, also labeled CMS-485 Form.

Who needs a CMS Form 485?

The CMS Form 485 has been designed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. By filling out Form 485, the physician prescribes relevant health care services covered by Medicare home health benefits. Still, certain requirements must be met with regards to the physician’s eligibility to order home care. The physician must

  • be a Medicare registrant,

  • have an eligible specialty,

  • and have an individual National Provider Identifier (NPI number).

What is the Home Health Certification and Plan of Care for?

The form CMS-485 is used by the HHA - Home Health Care Agency to serve as a plan of care and certification or recertification in case the physician assumes oversight of patient care.

The completed form aims to provide all the information required to deliver relevant treatment and medical care to the patient, outside of a specialized institution.

Is Form CMS-485 accompanied by other forms?

To provide a patient with home health care, an authorizing physician is obligated to provide a document confirming a face-to-face encounter. There is also a time restriction requiring that the face to the face encounter must take place not earlier than 90 days before the claim or within 30 days after home health care starts.

When is the Home Health Care Certification and Plan of Care due?

The CMS-485 form does not have a specific due date.  The homebound patient can start receiving home health care services right after the relevant documentation has been submitted by a physician to a home health care agency (HHA). However, the CMS-485 must be duly filled out taking into consideration the time frame for submitting the face-to-face encounter statement. Also, the effective date of a Home Health Care Certification and Plan of Care form cannot exceed 60 days. If it is necessary to prolong home care, a new CMS-485 form must be completed.

How do I fill out Form CMS 485?

As has been stated, the patient’s attending physician (or sometimes a nurse) is to complete the CMS 485 form.

The data that must be indicated comprises the following:

  • Claim number

  • Care period

  • Patient’s identification (name, address, date of birth, sex )

  • Health care provider’s identification

  • Patient’s ICD details

  • Allergies

  • Functional limitations

  • Permitted activities

  • Prognosis and goals, etc.

Finally, it is mandatory that the attending physician should certify the CMS 485 form by providing a signature and dating the document.

Where do I send  Home Health Certification and Plan of Care?

The completed form should be directed to the home health care agency (HHA) that will be responsible for taking care of the patient. A copy of the form should be kept in the patient medical records, and the patient should also retain a copy.


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The CMS 45 plan of care is one of the most important documents in the home health spectrum it's accessed through the episode manager the 45 is also specific to a skillset a physical therapist would have their own 45 as well as a skilled nursing OT speech so we select the particular skill in this case its physical therapists the system pulls forward to patients demographic information including address date of birth it also pulls forward from the electronic medical record the patient's current diagnosis and their medications the current medications they're allergies as well as their goals and rehabilitation potential now this is pulled from the particular case tight in this case it's the physical therapist goals if it was a nurse it would have their nursing goals it also pulls forward the referring physicians name and address at this point is very simple to complete the 45 we can just select the functional limitations their activities which are permitted their mental status and then the physician or we can prep the the orders in this case physical therapy three times a week for five weeks and then two times a week afterwards for the next two weeks the document can be electronically transmitted to the physician but we will sign it or you can sign it one sign the system will actually embed the timestamp in the digital signature and the document is saved within the systems database system for more information contact this wincc to calm we thank you for watching our video you
What is cms 485?
What is the Home Health Certification and Plan of Care for? The form CMS-485 is used by the HHA – Home Health Care Agency to serve as a plan of care and certification or recertification in case the physician assumes oversight of patient care.
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