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2829 University Ave Southeast, Suite 310 Minneapolis, MN 55414-3222 (651) 201-2800 (800) 747-2011 FAX (651) 201-2812 TTY (800) 627-3529 www.emsrb.state.mn.us Application for EMT-Paramedic Certification
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hi there i'm lisa i represent professional firefighters on the emergency medical service services regulatory board the ems RB i also serve as the chair of the ems RB post-transition education workgroup we would like to talk to you today about the recommendations that the work group has forwarded to the board first let's look at the current process in place until March 31st 2016 we will talk about the EMT level first as they are the largest group in the state to recertify as a Minnesota EMT you either have to complete a do t 24-hour refresher or 48 hours of approved continuing education both plans also include an nremt style practical skills exam and CPR certification for those of you who are nationally registered EMTs you need to complete 72 hours of continuing education including the 24 hour refresher plus 48 hours of continuing education in addition you need to complete a Minnesota practical exam and CPR certification the EMS are be brought together a workgroup to address the end of the transition period and how to move forward representative stakeholders in all eight regions including urban and rural services fire and volunteer and educational institutions met to discuss the following recertification recommendations our first recommendation is that the EMS RB eliminate the requirement for an nremt style single day practical exam for recertifying EMTs the next recommendation is that Minnesota adopt the nremt national core competency program RN CCP all national registry providers will be moving to the ncc p by the 2019 recertification cycle the ncc p is a flexible approach driven by providers and current best practices and includes skill competency components there are three categories of education required totaling 40 hours for the EMT the first is national core competency requirements or NCC are hours half of the total hours or 24 the EMT these are determined every four years using national provider work groups the second set our local core competency requirements or LCC our hours a quarter of the hours or 10 for the EMT these hours may be determined by state regulatory body local medical directors or the training officers the last set is the individual core competency requirements or ICCR which are the last quarter or ten hours for the EMT these can be any EMS related topic of interest to you all of these ICC hours can be done online talk about flexibility for the paramedic level the nccp total is 60 hours this is broken up to 30 hours in the national level and 15 hours each in the local and individual categories for more information on the nremt nccp process material for training officers and other information visit the nremt website our next recommendation is to adopt the mark king initiative in simplest terms this program allows current Minnesota providers who have ever held National Registry certification to get it back without any written or practical testing in line with these recommendations we have also recommended to the...