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ELIGIBILITY TO WORK FOR STUDENTS AGE 14 15 This certificate is to notify all parties concerned that Name of Student who attends is hereby certified Name of School/City Eligible to Work by having satisfactory grades and attendance. Student will be employed by Name of Employer located at Alabama. Street Address City Date Signature of School Official For Further Information contact State of Alabama Department of Labor Child Labor Division 100 North Union Street Ste 620 Montgomery AL 36109-3500...
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all right I think it's starting let's see it's good there it goes okay hi everybody my name is Margaret and welcome to my channel homeschool honey in today's video I'm gonna be talking about how to start homeschooling let's say you are considering homeschooling or your kids are not quite old enough and you're trying to figure out if this is something that you want to do and this is a video that will talk to you about how to find out what's required in your state and what you where you can go to find out this kind of information I started homeschooling almost a year ago and I could have really used something like this because I felt like I was scouring the internet trying to figure out what to do asking as many people as I could find where I should start so without further ado let's jump over I'm in Texas and if you haven't started homeschooling yet or you're thinking about it and one thing to know is that it's different state-by-state so each state has different laws and requirements for what they expect you to do with your children so um if you are thinking of studying homeschool I would I would suggest coming to check out the site HS Lda which stands for home school Legal I always forget that the whole acronym home school Legal Defense Association I think it's something around like that and it is chock full of information about homeschooling and just different laws that are being passed in different fights and different state legislatures I mean it's it's really a comprehensive site there are also sites by state which I am a member of Texas homeschool Coalition Association in this group they actually have lobbyists that go to the Texas State Legislature and all kinds of things they have they have lawyers and things like that to help you if you end up getting into um I don't see trouble but if you end up finding yourself in a situation where you could use some help legally let's say there's CPA involved or CPA CPS or and something like that I know I'm thinking taxes okay so I am live so hi twins at heart I'm a well thank you and I just realized my chat but I have over here you can barely read when it said there we go that's better okay so I wanted to do this because I was just thinking back to when I started and I was considering pulling my guys and I really just didn't know where to start um so if you check on the HS Lda site they've got something right on the home page home school laws in your state down here well if you click on that it opens up this map and it shows you your state in comparison to all the other states and the legend the color coding basically is how much requirements and how much regulation there is state by state and now I do have a friend who her husband was able to move and work just because he worked remotely and so they ended up choosing Texas 1 because of low housing costs and the cost of living but 2 because our state has...