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Total Credit Card Refunds: Total Deposit: Total Credit Card Deposit: Cash Receipt Book Total: Date: Time: Supervisor Signature: DAILY CASH COUNT FORM.
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Instructions and Help about online cash register form
Hello there this is the bookkeeper master on YouTube in this video I'm going to show you how to create a basic cash flow and your forecast and so to start off with let's merge those sales together to create our title cash flow forecast and we do 2014 to 2015 I've made it in bold and underlined merge sales again products to us our business title spin the business title your business name column a we're going to make and slightly bigger than the rest about thirteen to fourteen there as we have to put some wording in that column let's do April - fourteen the beginning of the tax year and drag that across to get out how are you obviously you can do january december or whatever your business year is if we highlight all the cell's and click the center button to make everything look a bit more tidy for going too fast for you just pause the video and go back you know you can watch this as many times as you like so in line five let's put in opening balance you might need to make column a a bit bigger she's struggling to fit this wording in or make the text smaller excuse me next we're gonna put money in a couple of lines down and it's underlined next it's going to be a subheading for us so all money into the business we have owners capital so the money the owners put into the business we can put bank loan sales and then other any other money that will be coming into the business then we can put total money in and this is going to be a total box so let's format sales I put a border in at the top so just click order click the where you want the border click OK your template should look like this I've made that all bold this may all the opening balances bold to make them stand out if we highlight all the sales excuse me click format cells number accounting we can have the pound sign or the dollar sign to do decimal places this way we'll have money cells rather than just digit cells let's put in another subheading it's time to do money outs first of all we want to put in our liabilities and our assets the things like our loan repayment paid off that loan it seems like a priority and then an asset goods for resale so I'm selling products so goods I need to buy to sell on an equipment asset then other overhead so we can verdun it down the bottom here advertising website costs and so forth obviously put as many expenses and assets and liability rows as you like to fit your business I've added merchant payments postage and stationery and then down the bottom here we want total money out we'll make that all bold and put a border in so once again format cells border put that across the top I like the row and pick the bold button so your template should look like this let's put a form there in equals some open bracket add all the money in closed bracket enter so be our total money in and we can drag that across so everything is ended up together let's do the same for money out so equal sum open bracket all the money out totals close bracket enter and if we drag...
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