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ASC Name: Grammar Packet Test 6 Form A Subject Verb Agreement A. Circle the correct answers: (1 point each 40 points total) 1. The color of the fish and birds ( serves, serve ) as a protection. 2.
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Hello friends welcome to the nationalarmy tutorials in this session we aregoing to discuss a very important topicthe practice session of a very importanttopic that is subject verb agreement wehave only one session for this becausethere are not many rules in this topicbut this is extremely important topicnot as it not because of the importanceit is rather important because there arenumber of contradictions in this topicso I try my best to cover all the ruleshere with these questions and thosepeople who have watched my conceptualvideo of subject verb agreement and theyhave number of queries there we havenumber of doubts and contradictionsthere they should watch this videoproperly and in detail because you are Iwill try to explain the rule as well andI will try to cover the question also soyour if you have any further doubt youcan ask even so but I will climb alittle best to cover all the rules andto try to let go to solve all yourproblems here why like one thing I willsay here before we start I would saythat this rulers or contradictory rulebecause it is in American English or inBritish English I don't know what isused in American or British English butaccording to the like according to whatyou should use is the rule I'll explainhere but it's a number people say thatit is an American initiative in BritishEnglish is like this number of thingsare but these rules are not applied withthis kind of excusesso rather are then giving this excusewill try to sort out all the problemswith a conceptual one and let us see thequestion one by one first questioncomputer and telecommunication hasadvanced in this century now we have twosubjects here what actually subject verbagreement is your Bob should agree tothe subject of the sentence where I willrepeat again subject verb agreement verbshould agreeto the subject of the sentence so firstidentify what to subject subject in thissentence is computer and anycommunication both are there are twosubjects combined by and so we have abasic two subjects in mind it one morething both subjects are similar okay sothen two things or food subjects areattached by and use plural verbs whenyou have to subject they are combined byhand we have to use pure verbs aboutcapacity those objective or do not andsecond xk2 - octopus miss Bobbye pluralno nature here so what we have to doyour the connection must be computer andany communication have advanced thefriction is you should use half becausethere are two subjects mind it they aretwo different thingscomfortable different telecommunicationis different they receive an expressionthe politician and social worker wasinvited as the chief guest now you areyou will say that we have two personsone is politician one a social worker itis not correctbe careful I told you to sit in articlesalso when we have one articles beforetwo things or two nouns that means bothare used for same personthis indicates that a person who is apolitician and a social worker both iscoming to...