U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR USE OF RUS CONTRACT FORM 773 GENERAL This contract is intended for use with miscellaneous construction work and maintenance
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Hey Welcome back to the MrExcel netcast Im Bill Jelen Well this is one of the harder questionsI've received and we're going to try and do it in a day or two Someone had a CSV file that they're downloadingfrom the web every day and they want to convert that CSV file over to Google Calendar Well I went out to Google Calendar to theirhelp desk and they basically say hey we need three fields -- we need a start datea start time and a subject -- and then there were some other fields that you could addfor example description and some other fields that I didn't think were relevant So we're going to try this with a macro recorder We'll go to TOOLS MACRO RECORD NEW MACROand let's call it CONVERTCSV click OK Now the very first thing we're going to dois go out and navigate to that CSV file we download each day and boy this is a horriblelooking CSV file You know I've seen some bad looking CSV files This is one There's just all kinds of blank rows throughout Great way to get rid of the blank rows isto select all cells so we click right here in this box and then click the AtoZ buttonand basically then that forces us to sort by column A gets all the blank rows to thebottom Now let's just take a look at that columnA We have text there that says Friday May 30th and Excel will never recognize thatwith the Friday I'm going to choose that column and go toDATA TEXT TO COLUMNS choose FIXED WIDTH and it's going to see that there's three wordsthere and so it's going to suggest breaking it into three columns I don't want to do that I'm going to double click the second lineso we get Friday in one column May 30th in the next column click NEXT and I'm goingto say hey I don't want the Friday just do not import it and the second column I'mgoing to leave as GENERAL and sure enough that will actually solve the problem We get real live dates and it puts May 30th2008 It puts the current year there So in column A I'm going to put START DATE In column B where we have TIME I'm goingto relabel that to be START TIME TIME ZONE I dont think is relevant I'm going to delete that column and thenCURRENCY is going to be the subject Now the problem is the CSV file then has5 additional columns and I only have 1 space left basically a DESCRIPTION field and soI'm going to come out here to column I and try and build a formula that will take allthe other columns and concatenate them together into a description field Now in this particular case I want to getdown to the end of my data set I'm going to use that with END DOWN but ofcourse we want to have RELATIVE turned on So here in the STOP RECORDING toolbar orin Excel 2007 on the DEVELOPER tab we're going to turn on RELATIVE REFERENCE This is already turned on here I'll press END DOWN to get down to the endof the data set and go right to the blank column Now at this point I want to use CONTROLSHIFTUPARROWto select all of the cells and then...