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Send Form DTF-4. 1 by regular mail to OFFER IN COMPROMISE PROGRAM PO BOX 5100 ALBANY NY 12205-0100 These instructions are intended only as an overview of the offer process and a guide in preparing form DTF-4. Date of the statement Signature of...
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Who needs a form DTF - 4.1?

Form DTF - 4.1 or Offer in Compromise for Fixed and Final Liability is filled by a taxpayer.

What is form DTF - 4.1 for?

Form DTF - 4.1 serves a plea on a taxpayer's behalf to pay less tax amount than initially required. This form may be a legitimate option for a taxpayer to minimize taxation if it leads to financial hardship, or if the taxpayer is unable to pay full tax amount. The reasons for submitting form DTF - 4.1 may be as follows:

  • Liability in doubt
  • Collectability in doubt
  • Special circumstances when collectability is in doubt
  • Effective tax administration

However, offer in compromise may be rejected due to the insufficient number of proof of a taxpayer's inability to pay. Thus, before submitting form DTF - 4.1 make sure you have thoroughly explored all payment options or that you've hired a true tax expert to help you file the form.

Is form DTF - 4.1 accompanied by other forms?

Form DTF - 4.1 is accompanied by the Statement of Financial Condition and Other Information that is form DTF - 5.  

When is form DTF - 4.1 due?

Form DTF - 4.1 is due the end of the year.

How do I fill out form DTF - 4.1?

Form DTF - 4.1 contains 3 pages with a number of fields to be filled by the taxpayer and for the office use only. First, a taxpayer enters his/her contact information including:

  • Name
  • Home address
  • Business address
  • Employer
  • Tax payer`s representative and his/her address
  • Employer identification number
  • Type of tax and entity

Part called “Record of liabilities and payments” is also filled  by a taxpayer. This sections consists of such fields and columns:

  • Notice of assessment number
  • Tax period
  • Amount of tax
  • Total payments to date
  • The sum offered in compromise borrowed money if any

Page 2 contains information about facts and reasons for the offer. A taxpayer should confirm them by the signature. Page 3 includes instructions to guide a taxpayer through the filing process.

Where do I send form DTF - 4.1?

Form DTF -4.1 is sent to the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

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Please select the version for Fillable NY DTF-4.1 form
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