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UM School of Pharmacy Student Services Office Requests for Tutoring Contract Form I agree to accept peer tutoring from the Student Services Office under the terms and conditions listed below. I agree
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In this video from accounting one oh one dot org we're going to go over how to use the v_ lookup function in microsoft excel so what you're seeing here is microsoft excel for the mac and that fear windows user don't freak out poorly for another tutorial these functions working zack with the same khana mac or pc so you will learn what you need to know so the lookup uh... it basically stands for vertical lookup so you usually looking up a value from a table that's arranged berkeley which is what we have here this tax table so clearly based on the salary of our employees are here we're trying to look up the tax would be applicable tax rate based on the sellers here now as you can see i mean i didn't program microsoft excel i don't know exactly how it works it doesn't make complete sense but by just know that works so for any given value twenty nine thousand a sixty six that will come in over here exit it's over twenty five thousand but it's not yet thirty thousand soviet lookup walpole this number right here i mean as long as we enter the formula right so that'll be lookup work seek we're not gonna find these exact salary numbers in this table obviously as you can see their deserve round numbers every five thousand dollars the tax rate changes soaked be workable to poll these approximate values forests we start in the first cell that's the same way every four who started in her equal sign you start typing in the lookup and uh... you know you can quick Ana here pulls it out the look of value we're trying to look at the corresponding tax rate for justin beaver salary of twenty two thousand three forty five so we click on that self you know the media comma your table array this is our table right here these two columns courting orange now you for your comment again but before we go on you need to make this reference absolute because that's these go down on the internet formula you know and we can we can drive a formula down so it applies to every uh... if you don't have this absolute then you're pulling values from down here which obviously there's no personal values and refer to pull from so you have to make this reference absolutely so that's either uh... f_-four on a windows or command ke on a mac the next thing that it wants to know as the column index number now what that means is from the table and out of the were pulling from column one this is showing this is where it's gonna mantra purcell race boat the answer though we were up want returned isn't column table which is this calmer here what we enter in here is to you, we don't need arranged lookup that's an exact match or not we don't mean exact match for this because we don't have exact numbers to match uh... when you'd use that is if your polling if you're looking at text for example and you need an exact match that's when you use you know you can go on in your arrangement this should work if we get enter we get two percent uh... just a quick check twenty two thousand that meets this period...
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