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The next thing that we want to do with our database is create a form to enter in the orders so I'm going to again go ahead and go to the create menu right up here at the top and for this I'm going to go ahead and just use an auto form really quickly we're going to customize this a little bit this will give us a good starting point now you're going to see when I did that I actually created the an auto form for the customers table because I forgot to click on orders before I did so this is ok I can just simply right click here and close this and say Save Changes no and that form goes away so again I'm going to select the orders table right here then come to create and I'm going to go ahead and select form and that will create me a new blank form for the orders and I'm going to go ahead and save this as order entry form always remember to save an object after you create it so you can see here I can go from field to field entering in the information for in order now there's a problem here the problem is that when I want to enter in the customer ID or the product ID I need to know the correct number to put in its place so I'm going to have to be constantly referring back to the customers table or the products table to find the correct ID so that really is going to be a difficulty for this so we're going to do is we're going to go ahead and customize this form to make dropdowns for each one of these fields first we begin by making sure that we're in design view and not form view I do that by clicking the View button right here and clicking on design view now what we're going to go ahead and do is we're going to go ahead and replace this field with a drop-down I'm going to go ahead and delete this field right now you'll see it goes away and then what I'm going to go ahead and do is come up here to my form design tools area now this only appears when you're editing a form you'll see the section up here for Form design tools gives you a variety of different things that you can do with this form but what we need to do is we need to create a drop-down for our customer ID II and again all the controls are right here I'm going to click this bottom drop down here and you can see all the tools at once and this is the tool for a combo box or for a drop-down list and that's exactly what I want I'm going to go ahead and click that now I'm going to come down here into my form and I'm just going to go ahead and drag out a box and it's going to bring me into this combo box wizard and it's going to ask me what I exactly want to do in this case the default I want this combo box to get information or to get values from another table is correct I want to pull values out of the customers table for use in this order entry form so I'll go ahead and leave that selected and then click Next and now I've got to choose which table I want to pull the information out of in this case I'm pulling the information out of the customers table you could also pull information out of...