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O. Box City/Town Province/State Country Postal Code/Zip Code hereby consent the following referee Please print referee s name to provide the Ministry of Education with this confidential character reference as part of my application for...
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A few weeks ago I taught my son how to ride his bike I took him to the playground at his elementary school because it was sort of the flattest most protected space I could think to use and as soon as we got started I had two revelations the first one was that his tires were flat it made it pretty hard to learn how to ride a bike once I fixed that thing spent much more smoothly the second realization I had was that the skills he was learning on the playground on a Saturday with me were exactly the same skills that I hoped he was learning in his classroom during the school week courage optimism persistence these character strengths or social-emotional skills or non cognitive traits whatever you want to call them which are so critical for success not just in school but in life and once he drew on these skills and his tires were properly inflated he was cruising and did great I worry though that schools aren't focusing on these character strengths because there's so much attention paid to end-of-year test scores and I'm someone personally who thinks end-of-year test scores matter I just don't think they're the only thing that matters I think they're the floor of what we need to expect from schools and we're mistaking that floor for the whole house and in fact by focusing so excessively and exclusively on end of your test scores science is suggesting to us that we are missing half of what kids need to become fully engaged successful flourishing adults we're only seeing half the picture of what education needs to do we're sending them out into the world with half the air let out of their tires so I think schools need to do both schools need to teach content knowledge that's measured on end of your tests and schools need to teach character strengths as well and I know that schools can do it consider the case of two of the cofounders of the organization that I work for it's called character lab where I serve as the director of research Dave Levin was the co-founder of the hip network of schools but a hundred schools around the country serving kids in some of the most under-resourced communities and tip schools do an amazing job at getting kids to graduate high school and go to college at pretty astounding rates and while many of the kids were going on to be successful in college many were not so Dave knew something was missing despite really good academic preparation many of these kids were not persisting in college something from their education was missing Dominic Randolph another founder of our organization comes from the other end of the socio-economic spectrum he's the head of the Riverdale school in New York City serving some of the most affluent members of New York and in fact in the country but he also felt something was missing even though Riverdale kids were going to the most selective colleges in the country and doing doing well ere Dominic was concerned that his students weren't learning how to leverage failure to learn how to grow from...