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STANDING ORDER APPLICATION FOR OVERSEAS REMITTANCES Applicant s Particulars Payment Mode Name Account Type : DBS Autosave DBS Current DBS Savings Plus POSB Savings NRIC/PP No. DBS FCCA Contact No.
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hi guys in this video I am going to explain how to fill the foreign inward remittances application form for Bank of Baroda for Adsense income that's how you landed in this video so I know that so if you're getting any revenue any payment from Google for add as an Adsense income for you were either youtube channel our WordPress website or your blog for anything we forgetting a some money from Adsense how we help to fill this for in inward remittances occation form that's what that's why that's what we are going to explain you going to see in this video okay so you might have get this form either it's in a hard copy or as a soft copy as a mail from you well shift account to branch say for example I have a Bank of Baroda savings account in Kumbakonam but the shift account will be from quite or another so the branch name should be not your savings account where you are having your cell phone it's further shift account branch this for my case it's going the tool and date totally there's Montes remittance type it's not advanced symptoms other in water mittens okay and the beneficiary name it is the name it may be your name on it basically it's the chana's adsense you link a plate that it is usually the beneficiate name also that since name for accents you have given even embed Google the same name you have to endure if you are a first first name and then this might be the case carrot and the rock or number write your savings magical number which which are Coon the Timon has to be corrected this one and they see next one is line of business applicable for head customers only it's not topical for us this also not obvious serve multiple forest and bill currency here you hope to say it will be on us deities but it will be definitely more than 100 for increased rate so what are the money you have right what else you're building its figures correct sorry yes so you know just Lamont actually a mod in words okay lotta cities and figures and Music here they remit this name means from whom you are getting that among this is nothing but from Google Asia we are getting late Google Asia Pacific limited the same thing you have to type it here exactly the same thing the same man how digital and never to copy this person PPE okay and the limiters at Russell T it will be from for India it will come from Singapore I do copy the address from here 70 pasa like that you copy the interest whatever they had given in Irbil you pop it on the patient here and the purpose code this is their one of the things you have to know if you check it on that farm there there are various course will be that correct what you are doing is you might have have some YouTube channel or you might have have some website or blog and you are providing new services you are putting some suggestions for to the viewer sky so the relevant the exact one will be you are doing some consultants business and management consultants and public relations...