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Plaintiffs Complaint for Divorce, I state as follows: (Check only one answer to match each paragraph of the Complaint whenever you choose the
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check box) I want to bring our marriage to a close. I have no children or property. I believe that my only asset is my home. I wish to divorce you. I cannot agree to a joint property settlement. I have been married for ten (10) years. I wish to return to the position in which I had before I married my ex. I am the legal spouse, I have two (2) years of the marriage remaining. I am not being unfaithful to my spouse and I want to be faithful to you. I have lived in your house, the premises you own and leased to me, since I first entered into our marriage on my own, on October 7, 1994. I paid rent, utilities, property taxes, and a lot of my share of the mortgage. I do not have any assets except the home that I still occupy. I still have a car, my motorcycle, my truck, my truck's license plate, all the money I own, and I have a house, or a mortgage, or the right to a mortgage, of my own which I have no intention of selling. I have written to you, or received written or oral correspondence from you. I receive no money whatsoever from you. From what I know from my own examination and observation, and from all the documents and evidence presented in this action, on my own authority and understanding, it appears to me that it is in your best interests, and in the best interest of our children, including and especially you and your wife, to give me an opportunity to file for divorce. I am not motivated by hatred. I did not want my marriage to end and because of that I did not want to take any steps I believed would end it. I believe I have done nothing but act in good faith and with good intentions towards my spouse, our children, and our community. I hope that after careful consideration, that you will grant my request to be divorced from my spouse and will allow me to continue living in our home and our house I now own free and clear of all debts, property, maintenance, or any other obligations to you or your family which I am not aware of. I ask that you grant my demand for the custody of my child or my children, without consideration of my marital history. I want to be faithful to you the person I married, I love so much I could die for you, and I feel very sorry
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Hi this is how to file for divorce org, and we're going to file for divorce in the state of Virginia so first thing you want to do is come to this webpage, and we can go through this step-by-step guide step one two ways to download the required Virginia divorce papers now you can either a download our blank Virginia divorce papers right here where you can fill them out when we go through the next steps, or you can do option B which is hard to deport divorce papers filled in on your behalf by a company that we work with, but they do charge $299 professional service fee so whichever way you choose we can move on to the next step the spouse that hasn't decided to file for divorce must complete the following forms so one of the spouses I'm sure is going to be in charge of filing, and they want to file these three forms and if you have minor children this fourth form now you must file these forms make four copies available with the county court clerk's office where you live and if you want to find out what that filing fee is from the court clerk you just click on this link right here step four to it, you must alert your spouse of the divorce you must serve a copy of the filed Virginia divorce papers as well as the acceptance of service form this is a very important form because you're going to need it for step five you must get a completed copy of this form from your spouse and then file it with the clerk's office so if you're going to have all the papers you want to make sure that you give the answer form and if you have children this long name for a form if he or she has not been provided with it yet so that you're supposed to make file with the clerk's office so basically your spouse is going to need to file this answer form and this long name form right here after successful filing the spouse must serve the petitioning spouse, so your spouse is going to serve you via mail these two forms that they filed with the clerk's office now it's very important that your spouse must complete the answer from stating answer form sitting the reason was for arrogance eye level differences within 20 days of the petitions filing date or the divorce cannot be considered no-fault so basically your spouse has to fill out this form and file it with the clerk's office within 20 days of being unnerved these papers or else you have probably lost out on your filing fee, so you want to make sure that your spouse is willing and able to do this so step 7 both spouses will need to complete the financial disclosure statement form before meeting with each other to negotiate you both want to pick a time and place to meet then the both of you should fully negotiate the separation and property settlement agreement now if you could just get through this last step of you know just negotiating all the assets that you both have and the debt you're pretty much there but you both are going to need to come to an agreement and that's why they make you fill out this financial disclosure...
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