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Madison Homecoming Mum Order Form 2010 Order Date: Student ID#: Student Name: Phone#: Basic Mum Deluxe Mum Senior Mum Garter Wrist Mum Style of Mum (please check) *all items are orange. Blue, white.
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So first I thought IN×39’d show yowhammymGooglele Form looks like so when my customers at the party click on my link it takes them to a form that looks exactly like this is what my customers see IN×39’m going to show you how to do it, but I just want to let you seethe finished product before I continue basically it's an order form and questionnaire all in one so in order to make your Google form go ahead and go to google form you can just google GoogleForms and the first choice that comes up should be googled.com forms it looks like this if you're done×39’t have a Googlaccount yeet teacup×39’re going to havcreatete one né it's free, and you just have to create a username and password if you have a Gmail account already then you already have a Google account go to Google form and this is my account Soyuz×39’re going to see all the forms recreateded in the past today IN×39’go into to show ow you how to start from scratch to Godhead and click on start a new form thesis what it×39’s going to look like now my purple you can change the color go ahead to the color palette I'll show you example if you want it red purple pink you get to choose your color palette which I think is totally cool I like mine to be purple right now so IN×39’goinTototo stick with that you're going to name your form I call my party in your border form and the description is I outwith Michelle Barçan also wantMohavea picture as you sell my form a second ago you thought there was a big colorful picture at the top and that×39’importanTototo me so right on the side here these are your options for what you can do with this I can add a video I could Aldan image I could add title and description IN×39’m going to adimagege nohow a word about my images what I do ISI go to PowerPoints and I create my images in PowerPoint this is an image Created and I use it for my Tupperware Facebook parties I also like to use ITT the top of my order form because Like it to kind of match, so I like Created an PowerPoint so that when Have a different host I could put the hostesses name here partying your pajamas with Jessica partying your pajamas with whoever the host is IN×39’m for this order form I want to put party in your pajamas with Tupperware and I love PowerPoint because you can kind of adjust it and loose things around and once I have it exactly like I like it do a screenshot of it on a have AMAP I use command shift for if you×39;rent sure how to do a screenshot or animate shot on your computer you can google that because all computers are different I have a little crossbar I'must go to drag it on what I want the picture to save as I want it to lookalike that now that's saved onto my desktop I haven't image now that I could put into my Google form close those down going to close it, so I can drag my image your choose an image to upload IN×39’into Toto the justest find that image that I just created×39’s on my desktop so when just createded it×39’s going to uploaanthemhe nitwit's going to be on my...
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