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Emergency Department Intake Form Patient Section Patient Name: Soc. Security No.: Employer Name: By signing this form, I hereby request and authorize disclosing, upon request from the above-named
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Hello today I am going to be talking to you guys about how to use Google Forms to set up a client intake form for your business so if you are a designer or a web developer or a graphic designer or anyone offering some type of similar service you probably have a process you used to gather information from your clients or your potential clients about their project their preferences what they are looking for from you and so on and so forth a lot of established businesses or people who really have their shit together have these forms embedded in their website and if you do already that's great, and you probably don't need to watch this video, but I am going to show you a super low thigh way to do this today if you don't have it embedded in your website, or maybe you don't have a website or maybe for whatever reason you have a client who needs to fill out this form differently so I up until now have been using Google Forms to do this for my own business because I don't yet have a form on my website because my business is very new and this is just one of those things it's kind of a low priority for me right now, so I am using Google Forms and I think it's really efficient, and I wanted to show you how you can do this too so even if you're not offering a service or something this can be a great way to gather information from people for a lot of different things, so it's really easy to do to set up these questionnaires and send them out to your customers or your potential customers right now we're looking at one of the forms that I actually use for my business this actually went out to a client the other day as you can see it's got my logo really nice and big at the top it's the colors used our in line with what colors are on my website, so there's a lot of flexibility with what you can do to kind of like brain this for your company you see I have a bunch of questions different types of text forms there's some check box questions and then there's a submit button at the bottom so pretty straightforward and easy this is what when I send the link to my design questionnaire to clients this is the form that they this is what they see when they click the link, so this is actually like what the end user will see when they fill out your Google Form, so I'm also going to show you quickly where you go to see the results of the form so when you create your form you'll do it in Google Drive and then when people start responding you can go to view responses there at the top, and you'll be in this Excel spreadsheet and your questions are here along the top and if they have answers filled out they'll be down here in these cells, so this is great because if you have a questionnaire that's going out to more than one person like maybe you're doing like a survey, or you have a design questionnaire that needs to be filled out by a few different people at an organization you can send them the same form and then their various answers can be recorded here just be sure that if...
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