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Special Recurring Invoice Division of Medical Services P.O. Box 326 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0326 Invoice Number: 001234 Date: MM/DD/YY Case Number: Your premium for Medical Assistance for Workers
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fillable medical invoice
hi today's video is a continuation of making fillable PDF forms a question has come up how do I view and fill out my form on my phone or tablet is that possible well I guess it is possible but we need to start from the very beginning of creating this form in order for it to all work out right now we're going to look at that what we need to do when we first create our form and right now you can see we have OpenOffice open which is what we've been using for creating PDF forms I'm going to skip ahead we're going to look at the program you're going to use is PDFs PDF forms so let's look at that right now now the program you're going to be using is called fill and sign PDFs now it looks like this with these fields where you're going to fill in and you can see it just says text box text box text box and that's not very helpful when you're when you're trying to fill out a form let's say it's an invoice and you're trying to fill it out right on the spot for a client you don't have time to try to recall what is text box 1252 mean what is trick text box 1256 require it's just a mess and that's why we have to start from when we build a PDF so that we have everything accurate now you can get this this app from Google Play it's called fill and sign PDF forms and you can see here that it's by binary solutions good program does everything we need but this is like the last step is to get this program first step is we need to build this thing right so let's get started on scene how do we build this thing right now we already talked about how to build a form and I'm just going to make some little generic quick thing here this is our form for example and we can make it gussy it up if you go to the top and go to view drawing then you can have this toolbar on the bottom that allows you to draw lines there was a question how do I make a line and kind of decorate the thing you know you might want to format things that have you know the the top of the invoice or whatever form it is divided by a line and some text and so we're we're just seeing how to go about doing that here just go to the bottom find the line option there and then you make a line you can also make squares rectangles circles different things but for our video here we're looking at how are we going to make form fields that are going to work for phone or tablet when we're filling it out so we're going to take a text box and we're going to put it down here and now we've got our text box down here you can see but we need to set the parameter so we're going to double click it it's going to open up a box that's going to allow us to put parameters now if you notice on the top of this box very important we didn't really look at this before we didn't really name it but now since we want to be able to see each form field and understand what it's going to be we're going...