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Name: Representing: Self Petitioner Respondent (If Attorney) State Bar Number: SUPERIOR COURT OF ARIZONA IN MARICOPA COUNTY FOR CLERK'S USE ONLY Case No. Petitioner ATLAS No. Respondent FAMILY COURT
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Hey everybody this is eddie higgins with walk of me wanted to come to you today to talk about the pearly permanent early voting list pebl this is arizona's early ballots this is how you sign up this is what the pitcher what the page looks like this is the website to go to and i'll have actually have that inscriptions and what it is is basically you get an early ballots into your address 27 days before any election that you're allowed to vote so 27 days for any election allowed to vote and you get the early ballot sent to your house be able to do your research find out everything you need to know about you candidates and go ahead and boat and then dropped off now cool thing right so I myself like going to the polls at those fiasco we just have last Tuesday I'm not so sure but with the early ballot I'll be able to go to the poll walk right up front deliver my early ballot and then I can still talk to the folks and see what's going on basically Election Day is my like my soup bowl I take the day off and I go enjoy it with people good people doing the civic coupe civic duty so now with my early ballot I can take it to the bowls drop it off and it's ready to go one thing I do want to talk about real quick so I learned yesterday that the polls were changed on the day of the actual election aggravating so it got me an A grade mode right so i went to the and i guess i'll show you right here I went to the the permanent early voting list informational website Maricopa gov and I was doing my research we could show I gave you the right information and then I was like okay I'll check the status my provisional ballot this has not been doctored in any way let's see if it still comes up that way yes I get a 40 forever salt on the wood oh well well that's it I just want to make this video real quick talk about the pee pee evl really permanent early voting lists early ballot I'm going to go ahead and put the information in the in the car I'm sorry in the description I need your help though I know about Arizona now I know about the PVV Ellis I don't know if this is commonplace in other states so if you could give me any kind of information you have about other states other counties of the district's whatever you know about early ballots please go ahead leave them in the comments and i'll go ahead and crafts the website or something to that effect i'm a web designer put it together i'll go ahead and craft some kind of database where we can keep all this information so we can get the information out to the voters keep them informed and keep making good decisions and make America great sorry it was a drum thing okay anyway have a good night thank you for listening and I'll talk to you later peace