You may correct the deficiency and resubmit the Form I-129F. An application or petition is not considered properly filed until accepted by USCIS. Initial processing. Once a Form I-129F has been accepted it will be checked for completness including submission of the required initial evidence. OMB No. 1615-0001 Expires 06/30/2013 Instructions for Form I-129F Petition for Alien Fianc e Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Please read these instructions...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 129f petition

Hello this is me Yuri from a Filipino women and me bruce'll brown from visa approval today we're gonna talk to you a little bit about completion of the i-129f package we're done in fact it's going to look a little something like this I want to not office for K visas and it includes the following a completed application form of i1 to 9f petition proof of meeting passport photo petitioner divorce decree intent to marry from both the US petitioner and the beneficiary declaration of how you met application fee biographical information form G three to five a cover letter or cover sheet beneficiaries divorce decree petitioners birth certificate legal name change document a notification form g-1145 and that's it in this episode we're gonna talk about completing the i-129f in detail stay tuned you okay so very first thing is the location you want to go to USCIS gov /i 129 F and that's what you'll see not only a forum but the instructions a link to the ánotá fication and all that stuff so we're going to click on I on form i-129f and we don't want to work from here we want to save as and get a PDF and let's put it somewhere we can remember and put it in downloads now this top portion is only for USCIS they fill this stuff out and this is what they that's the top part is what they determine and whether or not you get approved or not so let's go ahead and fill out our name family name brown giving name first name Bruce middle name put your full middle name there we're gonna put our date of birth its month day year so 11 21 and we'll be old we'll say we're 1970 ish and next one is gender go ahead and Mark that and next one's marital status so we wanted is it married widowed single divorce whatever your situation is that's what you'll put so for the purpose of this let's go ahead and say divorce and we'll get to the other form that you have to do when you mark divorced later in this let's go to we forgot to fill out to a so let's go ahead and put the address and care of Bruce Brown Street put the street here the mailing address now I've noticed some people who are abroad they put their abroad address because you're going to get a package of approval or denial or notifications you want them to send the notification to that address now that address is gonna differ from the place that you're going to live in when you get to the United States with your fiancee of course but mailing address if you happen to be abroad is gonna be that whatever mailing address that is let's say Washington let's go ahead and put the zip code whatever that might be just making stuff up here and there's no postal code this is the ZIP code in the US and we don't have a province so we're gonna skip that country is USA you know we don't have alien registration number we're going to do this like we're US citizen petitioner country of births USA okay other names now this is if you've legally changed your name you would want to put those other names here and by the way if you filled in nine...

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