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Some man from a couple of towns up for me came with his paperwork and he took his baby from the hospital because the mom tested positive for amphetamines crystal whatever it was that he wanted this kid back it's a more personable polar contract I said pull a name off the safety plan and just make a claim for your property because while the court has jurisdiction over you they can or they ordered him and his wife not to see the kids into like 2035 it's something like that some ridiculous like 18 years now whatever it was I said looks just fully a name of the contract no longer become a party to that case and then separate yourself on that case and create your own case and make a claim for your property and so that's the simplest way to do it I said just put us in while you're a party to the case you agree you agree to the terms and conditions that a judge is going to set forth and say so just pull yourself out of the contract just say you know what you can't force me into this contract because everything in this country is voluntary and if I want to know how important want to break my contract and I agreement with some government entity you better believe you can do it you know how you do because they do it husband wives everyday they allow the husband or wife to break their vow to definitely part every day and then the government actually says okay that's fine pay 50 bucks and break it out there no problem you breaking the contract the agreement - you told oh man there you go 50 bucks and down the road you go breaking contract the CPS a dhrd SS whatever they do appears this pretty contractor just so you know what understanding a contra sentiment name of this contract I want to go at it you know with that without the government's blessing I just want pull my name off I don't want to be a part of this case anymore and once you pull this he says are you saying I don't want to be the father kidding it was a no I didn't say that I said you pulling a kid good agreement with the government you know you don't have a need to a government to control you anymore or the decide what's best for you you're a man you're going to stand up and act like a man you know say you know what I don't need the government you know I don't need the contract with the government I got this I don't you know like you know the government's like is we don't come and you will government it's like well you just said hey I'm a man I could govern myself thank you but I don't need your intervention anymore and then you're gonna make a claim for your property guys okay so that's all he does it is later Chris does not want to do because the kids within a grandma's house and he takes care of the kids every day and he's totally breach of the order that the state told them don't make any contact with this case like 20 30 2013 whenever by 18 yes now whatever in 2008 before so obviously him and his mama just laughing at that owner saying they're right that's a because then once they try to...