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HVAC Checklist - Short Form Page 1 of 4 Building Name Address Completed by Date File Number Sections 2 4 and 6 and Appendix B discuss the relationships between the HVAC system and indoor air quality. MECHANICAL ROOM s Clean and dry Stored refuse or chemicals Describe items in need of attention MAJOR MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT Preventive maintenance PM plan in use Control System Type System operation Date of last calibration Boilers Rated Btu input Condition Combustion air is there at least one...
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measures taken? WATER SUPPLY Water supply system? EGR system? SIRENS AND ALARM SIREN s (or "siren" or "alarm" ) ? Is the siren used in a siren system? If so, explain the purpose of the siren(s) and how it operates? If no siren for your area, explain why? In other words, how are alarms used? If your system does require alarms, explain what is included in the alarm package? If your system does not require alarms, explain the pros/cons of using them. If your system does not require alarms, describe what types of equipment are required on the system. Are the sirens working? IF your system must have power, how and where are the power cords located? Where are the switches located? What are the controls for these switches? Do the switches have battery operated contacts or manual switches? IS THE SYSTEM SECURE? Describe the number and type of security methods (e.g., locked doors, alarm systems) and their effectiveness. Is the HVAC system capable of withstanding high temperatures? If so, describe the heat recovery system(s) (if any). What type of venting system are there? Do they have openings to let air in from outside and out to the outside? Do the fan filters or other systems need to be changed in your area? IF your system has been retrofitted with a heat recovery system (RAS) in an area not requiring one, describe what are some of the benefits of this system and what do they are? IF your system is a stand-alone venting system without a heat recovery system, describe the process and what are the pros/cons of this system. What are the types of HVAC systems that have heating, HVAC, or both? Do they have heat recovery systems and/or venting? Is the HVAC system working? DOOR REINFORCEMENTS Describe and describe the type of door control. Is the control effective? Are there other control types (e.g., keypad), can they be operated in conjunction with the keypad, are they battery operated? DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE Describe and describe the door control system. Is the control effective? Describe the effectiveness of other control types. Is the door door opening smooth or noisy? Do the doors have hinges? Are there openings in the doors? Do they have hand grips? DOOR WASTE AND DISPOSAL
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What is hvac inspection checklist?
An HVAC inspection checklist (also called HVAC quality control checklist) is a tool that you can use for your business to make sure that every component of your customer's HVAC system is working properly. The checklist makes sure you don't allow anything to chance.
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