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APPLICATION FORM The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IAS) assesses international educational documents and compares them to educational credentials in Canada. PLEASE COMPLETE STEPS
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the quality of Canadian educational content in English and French. As such, your information will be kept strictly confidential. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at the address below. PRIVACY STATEMENT I am requesting information from the Department of Health and Long-Term Care Canada, in the course of an assessment project in respect of international educational documents, including test results and school transcripts, which may be used, provided the results are not made publicly available. The requirements of section 8(2) of the Government Organization Act and section 33(c) of the FOIP Act have been satisfied and the requested information is confidential information. I understand that the requested information may be used for the following purposes: to create an assessment report which may serve as a supplement to the documentation received in order to create an overall assessment report regarding the quality of Canadian educational content. To compile a database of information regarding international educational documents and provide this information to others who may be interested in participating in the project. I recognize that the information I am requesting may reveal information that is personally identifiable. I understand that the information I am requesting may be used for a scientific, educational or other lawful purpose. Information is not personal when you provide it because you have chosen to send it in the course of the delivery of a service. Any non-public information is personal information even if sent in the course of the delivery of a service and is subject to section 8(2) of the Act. The information collected is necessary for the purpose for which it is requested. To obtain access to documentation from the international school, I have been provided with a letter of authorization stating I am not the actual owner of the documents. The information collected will only be used for purposes of my work on the project. I understand that providing the information requested by email or other electronic means, will not disclose the personal information held by the Department, and will be used for the sole purpose of providing the requested information. Please do not use email or other electronic means, to send any government-related information to the Department because email or other electronic means may not comply with privacy laws of the Canadian government. By providing the information requested by email or other electronic means, I consent to the Privacy Act and any other laws in force regarding my personal information. I understand that the information I have requested must be in the format required by the Department. For example, I must provide all government-related information in the form of an email or email attachments as is provided for the Government Organization Act and/or the
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Hello everyone welcome to this presentation on the international qualifications' assessment service we are really happy to share some information with you today about our service, and we have structured our presentation in three parts in part one will be discussing the background of I cross who uses VI cross services the types of assessments that we do, and also I cross an immigration in part two we'll be going into detail about the immigration stream and that's really dealing with how to apply, so we'll talk about the educational credential assessment known as the ECA we'll talk about what you need to know before applying and also the application steps part three will give you some resources especially for regulated occupations, and we'll be talking mainly about online resources I'm happy to pass the presentation now to my colleague so let's talk a little more about I cross a background about our organization what we do etc, so my course is the International Education assessment service, or I cross is a government of Alberta service, so we are within the government of Alberta, and we are mandated to promote the fair and accurate recognition of international educational credentials we achieved that mandate through the following activities, so we provide assessment services and issue assessment certificates to people who are educated abroad, and we provide information tools and workshops to our stakeholders and our other consultancy services to organizations in our provost across Canada and internationally I quest assessment certificates are issued to individuals who are educated abroad and in our on earth certificates we indicate how their international education compares to educational standards Canada assessments are designed to support employment so for those who are seeking employment they can use our assessments to prove to employers how their education compares to education in Canada to obtain professional licensing further education or to support their immigration to become to immigrate to Canada I cross assessments are used by our three different groups and first by individuals so immigrants and prospective immigrants can obtain I cross assessment to support their application for immigration or to look for employment or post-secondary education also temporary foreign workers use our assessments and our Canadians who studied abroad also organizations use our assessment in our services such as professional licensing bodies post-secondary institution and Citizenship and Immigration Canada those groups use our assessment as part of their assessment process for their own purposes for example for admission to a secondary institution or to assess individuals who are applying for license as a professional many employers in Alberta also use our asked our services examples include government of Alberta or cities of Edmonton and Calgary we issue different types of assessments and first our new stream immigration stream we provide education...
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Hide details. APPLICATION FORM The International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) assesses international educational documents and compares them to educational credentials in Canada.
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