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berg balance test

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BERG BALANCE SCALE Name: Location: Item DescriptionScore 04 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Rater: Date Date Date Date Sitting to standing Standing unsupported Sitting unsupported Standing
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welcome the topic of today's lab is to introduce you in a little bit more detail to the burgh balance scale one of our very important balance tests that are administered both before the start of any foolproof program and at regular intervals throughout the program to assist me with this lab today I'm fortunate enough to have Fritz a participant in our senior fitness program here at Cal State Fullerton he's going to be demonstrating for you each of the 14 items on the burgh balance scale and showing you how the tests are performed correctly this would be a score of 4 on the balance scale here you're going to be looking to see what the gold standard of performance is on each balance test so let's begin with item number 1 in item number 1 what you're going to ask your client to do is to rise from a chair and try not to use their hands so Fritz I'd like you to rise from the chair and try not to use your hands as you can see that was a very simple exercise for him to perform he didn't use his hands to push off the hand rails on the side of the chair nor did you see him pushing off his thighs to assist him getting up if you do observe those kinds of behaviors it will be important for you to score your individual lower on that particular test item just a quick word on safety it's very important when you're administering this test to ensure the safety of your client so I suggest that you conduct this particular test item with the chair firmly against a wall and in some cases it may be ideal to put it in the corner of a room on test item number two of the burg balance scale what you're going to ask your older adult client to do is to stand unsupported for two minutes again it is very important to ensure the safety of your participant by positioning them close to a wall or a corner and adopting a position so that you can ensure their safety throughout the course of the test so first I'm going to ask you to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart your arms by your sides and looking straight ahead for me I'm going to time you standing for two minutes are you ready to begin yes and relax thank you very much as you can see Fritz had no difficulty at all with the two minutes standing in place if he scores a four on this particular test item then we would skip to item number four he would not be required to do the two minutes seated in place in the case of your older adult not being able to stand unsupported for two minutes without any manual assist it will be important to actually conduct tests item number three on the burg balanced scale although you saw Fritz easily stand for two minutes unsupported what I'd like to do is demonstrate for you the position that you would have the client adopt if you did indeed have to do test item number three so I'm going to ask Fritz to sit forward on the chair his feet a flat on the floor and I'm going to ask him to cross his arms across his chest I would...
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