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RETURN THIS COMPLETED FORM TO AMWAY TO FINALIZE YOUR IBO REGISTRATION. Pre-registered IBOs If you have already been assigned your IBO ID number either online at www. amway. com or by phone at 800-253-6500 you are temporarily authorized to act as an IBO for 90 days subject to the Rules of Conduct. IBOs a channel of communication with Amway on key issues affecting the business. The annual fee is included in your registration and renewal fees. I need only select the Business Services Support...
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Okay I'm gonna explain how to raise to someone and once you login into your ID you go to possess enter and then you go to LS contacts so there are two ways to raise someone first you need to create your new leg you are registering someone directly under under you and second you are sponsoring someone in your depth okay so just like here is per one and you throw it and let's say we need two responses are money no hits like and let me know it's t so what I do first I will explain expandable D if there is someone else and you go to row hid and copy if your number off of it so you need to check every time you need to raise to someone you check with your applying where you are working where you need to raise to someone because initially we work in two legs only at a time and until you are twelve person and you are two security applying for that where you will be resisting someone every time please do that because that is a step so you have copied the if your number of Rohit and go to registration okay restitution here we need to say the distribution restitution form select this link and sponsoring distributor ID so initially I mean by default your API number will be mentioned here so you can enter the APO number of the person in whose like I am sponsoring so far or gate so it will display this cross-check that is the same name you want to be the sponsor and continue this is the most important step step of any registration process is confirmed that the sponsor ID is correct and here is the registration page this is the second page you need to enter your into the first name and last name and named desire ID card you can mention that full name here and date of birth whatever it is and in very still please enter the pin number here if you don't enter the pin number here then when once this person will qualify for the income or the commission levels income will be detective deducted from his account I mean income tax will be deducted from this account without knowing this pan you know pan number that will be going to more so you just mention here the pen number of the person and the address please mention click this check the name and the address of the person should be as same which is on the documents available with you and have ID proof and address proof and bank account proof with you before coming to this page and to the email ID here and into the phone number here lastly you need to enter bank details here you just enter the AFSC code here of the bank account and you've already take well date if it is not that you will have to actually select from the see okay and you enter your number here let's check have account holders name you just and click check here's if the check or bank statement or front page of the bank passbook has the name of the account order so now if you have checked this yes you just have to browse here and you will upload the document instead of account roof here you upload that proof of ID and you providers lastly is like no and...