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20162017 Dance Team Tryouts SignUp Name 8th Current Grade: 9th 10th 11th Forms To Return by April 22, 2015: Signup Sheet Candidate Information Sheet Tryout Permission Form Constitution Contract Eligibility
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing dance team sign up sheet
Music and set here welcome back to my channel or if youre new make sure you get that subscribe button down below and the bail notification that way you know every time I post a new video because we supposed to get past todays video is going to be how you can make your dance team so lets get started so the first thing that I would say is dress apart if you have a dress code for the trial portion then you need to wear everything that is on that dress code tan jazz shoes do not wear your black ones vice versa also if you have jazz shoes that maybe you practice in their little Holi I would suggest going for your more newer ones but of course make sure that theyre broken in first theyre things where black spots where black flats the little things like that will show your coach for your potential coach now you definitely want to be on the team you value what she says and then also you value the team and the image that you give off i thing is to triple check your bag at the night before Im a very forgetful person so when I was on dance this is something that I always had to do luckily I did have friends that sometimes had extras to give to me but this is the trial portion so you need to make sure you have everything so check your bag your athletic bag backpack whatever youre bringing star you can hear my cat shes playing down there but um yeah make sure you triple check your bag make sure you have your - treat your backup jazz shoes make sure you have nail polish remover so that way you dont have chicks nails also I always like to have like a tide to go pin in my bag because Im also clumsy so sometimes I would stain an outfit or uniform and you want to make sure that you dont do that especially on child a also have like a bunch of extra bobby pins maybe mini hairspray a bunch of these but make sure that theyre not on your wrist like this when youre when youre the child pushing so that is so annoying this is so annoying like my coach would yank these off of us like I hate ya so lets just make sure you have everything good to go thing that I would suggest to do is to watch past videos of the team youre trying to get on usually if you type in your high school middle school colleges name and then the dance team name youll most likely find some videos that may be proud care to put up the girls on the team themselves things like that definitely check out the past videos and see what are some of the favorite moves that your team does like the frequent usual moves and practice those as well as see it does a team usually do facial or did they not see them because I remember out for competition season we would do facials and there was just one judge who like shaded them and we were like whoa but yeah see if your team does facials or if they just smile and also practice your smiling I didnt put that on the list but practice your smiling just because when youre dancing youre going to smiling a lot so you are going to seem big and you never want to drop your smile...