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Hey marketers I'm BRI Pakistani here at wish pun, and I'm going to teach you seven best practices for web form design are you getting the conversion rates you want from the forms on your website nope creating a great web form is easy you just need to know how, so I'm going to teach you seven key principles that can help improve your conversion rates by learning how to design a great web form you can get the most out of your traffic, so a form is the main way that you generate and learn about your leads it's where your page goes from purely informational to a business tool optimizing your forms design will encourage people to actually complete your form so let start with number one use directional cues to guide your visitors to your form directional cues are signals to tell someone to complete an action you can get visitors to your form by using directional cues such as photos videos shapes or text and here's a tip use an image of a person looking at your form humans are social creatures, so we tend to be drawn to what others are looking at, and you can use this human trait to direct visitors to your form so for example you can have a person looking at your form with their eyes or their head pointing to your form with their hands or their body holding your form or use arrows our whole lives have been driven by shapes and symbols directing us where to go which path to take the most influential of these symbols is the arrow on to number two use contrast to make your form stand out using contrast on your form makes it easy for people to understand what you want them to focus on knowing what the contrast can be the hardest part and if you're having trouble creating forms that convert you can check out yes which plan has really easy online forms that you can create in seconds but anyways contrast makes an object distinguishable through color brightness and object limitation so for color if you put a primary and a complimentary color together it will make it stand out and with brightness if you put a light-colored form on top of the black background it will make that pop out and vice versa and with object limitation you want to limit the objects and text on your page so that people aren't distracted by other information twitter does an awesome job at this they don't have too much text on your page that gets you distracted and its focus is on signing up or logging in number three make your call-to-action buttons stand out your CTA button is the final action that your visitors are going to take before they proceed to another page it is critical to get in this portion of your form right until that the visitors know what will happen when they press the button it has to send out both the buttons text and appearance are equally important please and never leave the default text on your button as submit the best practices for your CTA button is to tell visitors exactly what they're going to get think of it as a sentence starting with the phrase I want to...
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