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bounce house rental agreement

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Okay because right here today I'm going to talk to you about some things to know before you buy a bounce house five houses and as that flies jumpers inflatables moon walks wherever you want to help what do you want to call them they are a great source of potential income, but they also have a lot of expenses you might be some ads out there say a house of your own bounce house company, and you read it and whoa I can write down these four hours get in with one hundred four hundred dollars it's going to be great but there's some things that they don't really tell you those typically are written by the companies who sell bad houses and they don't tell you all the details well you can make money in it can be profitable the thing you should know first thing I want to bet insurance ok liability insurance is a must for these are you've seen in the news they do fly away you can enter them down with sandbag on but if you have a windy day you shouldn't be setting up on but the monkey December though they just fly away kids get hurt kids sprained their ankles can break their own it happens for the more common things to happen on bass because the kids are smashing into each other and a lot of times that become unsupervised shouldn't happen if you think its proper precautions and make sure that supervised but actions who happen, and you can have your liability form state of it that you're not going to be liable, but you know you have all the people coming over you can be at a park and there's other families that haven't signed a waiver, and it can get kind of tricky so just make sure you have insurance Ohio business out and AG insurance I'm sure you realize its pretty inexpensive I mean you can get insurance for anywhere from four hundred to a thousand a year for your control balloon business okay for a really no policy balance our purposes for one-bath house do we pay anywhere from 1500 to 3000 dollars and then what about happy where the money is good course especially if you want to get out the school properties and certain types of venues and parks and county parks they require you to have a higher liability insurance which in some cases can bring it anywhere from thirty to fifty thousand dollars believe it or not I would say close to around singles 8000 and now that were pointing right at about ten bounce houses and now is the cheapest policy out there and rural my composition or friends right and where they couldn't get it they wanted me to try to help them out with it and that was our the chief end so think about your lives miss you do your research find out how much insurance is what's red one backpack number two is that if you get to there sipping that the bathhouses this she did expected ones and the ones that are more expensive when you buy them within a more expensive or at least a good quality there because a heavier PVC properly this weighs a lot so even when you wrote we bet that you can go out 13 by 30000 and a small little bath house and...
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